Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tis No Day For Man Nor Beast Out There

The deep freeze here in NH continues. This morning the thermometer on our porch said 5 degrees,so with the wind chill it was below zero. We were all bundled up at the bus stop. When we came in I asked Rick,jokingly," We love living in NH,right? We must have said that in summer or fall!" In spite of our occasional bouts of Arctic type weather,we still love our state and really wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Last Sunday we got our Christmas tree at a local tree farm,one of those "U pick We cut" places.I had told Zach to be on the look out for a tree that isn't too big. We only have 8 ft ceilings and the tree is put in a corner,so it can't have a big circumference. Well, he found the perfect tree. We did have to trim a bit off the top to accommodate the star,but other than that,it is a great fit. Right after we got home with the tree,it started to snow,so it was snowing while we decorated it,which added to the festive air that happens when one decorates their tree.I was glad the snow held off,because we used the truck,and the back of the truck didn't have any weight in the back,so it would've been on the slippery side,and even though I have lived where there is snow for 42 years,I still do not like to drive in it. This stems from an incident that happened when I was pregnant with Zach. I was coming home from work during a snowstorm,and even though I was not going fast (maybe 30-35 miles an hour),the car spun out,doing a full 360 circle on the highway. Luckily,there were no other cars around me,but it shook me up nonetheless. .Another time,a long time ago,I was driving in the snow and my car went off the road,across the opposite lane.Again,there was no other traffic. Fortunately I was able to get the car out myself,but I was counting my lucky stars because if I had gone off on my side of the road,I would've plunged down a hill into a river. So you can see why I am bit apprehensive about driving when the snow is coming down.

Today should be a nice day. My Dear Friend Michelle invited myself and our mutual friend Shelley to her house for lunch. It will be nice to have some girl time and chat,amid all the chaos that has been going on in our house. Michelle and I always try to get together at least every other week,and I have not seen Shelley since the Fall.

Rick and his brother Brian have gone down to Newington to Dick's Sporting Goods to pick out a gun safe. That is what Rick wanted from Christmas,and since I know nothing about gun safes,he went down to get it. We have quite a few rifles,muzzleloaders, and pistols between Rick and Brian,so it makes sense to keep them in one protected area,with all the accessories that go with them. We had a really nice gun cabinet that looked like a big coffee table,but it's too big for our house,and it got ruined because we put it in the basement. We had some water come in and the sump pump wasn't working properly. So it is no longer functional.
After they get back,they will continue painting the living room.It is almost complete and I hope to post some photos. I tried posting some photos of the outside of the house,but for some reason,the photos won't post. I will keep trying.
Have a great day!

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