Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time Away

The last time Rick and I went somewhere overnight to get away just the two of us was our honeymoon,which will be 12 years ago on the 27th.
With all the appointments and stress that we have been under these last three years,let alone lack of monetary funds,we haven't been able to plan anything nice. Having a husband who suffers from PTSD creates a problem,too. Anything that is out of the usual routine tends to make him really uncomfortable. New places and unfamiliar people make his hypervigilence go up. This was worse before he went on his current medication a couple years ago,and is still a factor,though not as bad.
He is the one who suggested going away for a couple of days.
We need it.
People have no idea the toll that all this can take on people and a marriage. Most of our life is centered around his injuries and ailments. It is not only time consuming,but thought consuming. I worry about him very much,and it's constant. It has begun to define our marriage,and we know that is not a good thing. That's not what our marriage is about. It is about us,not ailments.
We need some fun,and we need to spend fun time together.
Rick reserved a suite at the Darby Field Inn in Conway for a couple of days. We are both so excited to get away,just the two of us! No appointments,no running around. No military,no VA! YAY!
I don't feel guilty about spending some money this time. We deserve this,and it's long overdue.
See you in a few days!

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