Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well, as much as I have tried to download some photos into my computer,it won't work.Some days there is no problem,and other days my computer is just plain ornery. Today is one of those days. I wanted to post a photo of Zach's pumpkin,of him in his Army outfit,and of my outdoor Fall decorations.
Today is a cool,overcast day,a lot of leaves are falling gently to the ground,a perfect New England Halloween type day.Actually,I think that any overcast fall day makes things feel,well,more New England-ish.I can't explain it,but those of you who live in this region may understand what I mean.
Last night,we went Trick or Treating in my old neighborhood.There are alot of old houses in this area,which is called "The Hill".Part of the fun for me is seeing the little ones in their costumes,and the decorating that people do. It was actually a pleasant night,so Zach didn't have to wear a jacket-he had long johns and a long sleeved shirt on under his uniform.He was nice and warm. Rick,bless his heart,kept up with us using his Canadian Crutches,but we did try to keep the pace down for him. He knees were really bothering him once we got home last night. However,like he says, he has only missed one Trick or Treat,which is when he was in Med hold down in Georgia,and since we probably don't have many more left,he is not going to miss another one.No matter how much it hurts.
Last year some kids in a neighboring town knocked over some headstones in the cemetery on Halloween. I think that is one of the most disgusting things anyone could do. What is the point? To prove how cool they are? To me,they only proved their ignorance. Rick and I get very upset at any cemetery vandalism. Let these people rest in peace. Every once in a while we make a trek out in the woods on our neighbors land to an old cemetery. It's in the middle of the woods,nothing around it,except for a couple of old foundations.It's a good way off the beaten path. We like to many people lived out here? It's all forested,but the trees are not large.Does that mean at one point this was all cleared so they could have a farm? It's a small cemetery, surrounded by a stone wall,with an entrance,and the cemetery itself has fallen into a sad state. Branches are down all over the place,and the headstones are either broken,or the names are barley visible,or they are sunken into the ground. I wonder if these people have been forgotten,or is it that their descendants just don't know where they are? I wrote down what names I could decipher and tried to find out some info about them,but so far no luck.
Halloween and cemeteries brought on the subject of ghosts the other day. I think there are ghosts.Why not? People's energies/spirits could get trapped for whatever reason. Rick and his brother Brian have seen them when they were younger. They would visit their grandfather up in Moscow,Me.He had an old house. At night,when they would be laying in bed in the upstairs bedroom,they would see a ghost in the doorway ,and they would throw their slippers at it. One night Rick heard a noise and he looked down the grate in the floor into the kitchen downstairs. He saw something sitting at the table. Curious,he made his way down the stairs,and when he looked into the kitchen,he saw four apparitions sitting at the table,playing cards. He said they were sort of grayish see through,and even though you could not see plainly what they looked like,you could tell if one had a moustache,etc. When they saw him standing in the doorway,they all stopped,looked his way,then continued playing cards.He said he was never scared of them,however.I had a friend who lived in house dating back to the Revolutionary War. One time,she opened the door to the basement,and down at the bottom of the stairs looking up at her,was a ghost dressed up like a Revolutionary solider.Her whole family confirmed that they had seen him. Makes one think,doesn't it?
Today I have a headache,so I have only done the dishes,started laundry,and swept. I do want to make some more lye-crisco soap,though. I made some a few weeks ago and it works great. I will have to post about that next time.

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