Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2010!

This year I have made several resolutions,which I am determined to keep.My Dear Friend Michelle and I are on the same path,and we have been emailing back and forth about what we want to do,and how to go about it.One of the problems I have had in the past is just plain motivation. I finally came to the realzation that no one is going to get the ball rolling here except for me. No one likes to hear someone whine and complain about their weight yet do nothing about it.
This is the year!!!!!!!

The first thing I did was grab an old binder,and decided to make that into my "Manifesto,"for lack of a better name. Then I was reading a blog,(whose I can't remember, I send my apologies to that person)and they had a book which they called their "Lifebook." Well, I liked that much better,as it really is all about the kind of life you want to lead. So I have adopted ( it sounds much nicer that stolen) that termimology.

What is in my Lifebook? Everything I want to work on this year. The opening page is my mission statement. I wrote and rewrote it several times. I wanted something concise,and it just seemed to keep going....and going....and going. So I asked myself: "What is it that I am trying to do overall here?" I came up with this: "To improve self and surroundings."That is my goal.

The book is divided into sections:

Self- this area is where I will keep track of the loss of weight and inches. I will also write down what programs I want to do. Not only do I want to improve physcially,but mentally as well. I have a problem with depression and anxiety,and my goal is to try to maintain a positive outlook. One thing I am going to try this year is to grow St John's Wort.It has been used to help with anxiety and depression,so I thought the tea might help.

Household-this has all my goals for the house-renovations,organization,etc.

Garden-has my plans for square foot gardening,starting seeds,and my kitchen garden.

Homesteading-plans for the new turkey cage,a chicken coop,and other things we would like to accomplish,such as getting a rain barrel to help keep the well full and to water plants,soap and candle ideas,and whatever else we may decide to do.

Trips-places,info,and maps of places we want to go

Interest-things or people that interest me that I want to learn about.I am going to be more of a scholar this year.

I have another binder that I made last January,in which I have a section for all phone numbers and doctors,a section for menus for take out,and a section for school items.It is centrally located in the kitchen,inbetween the microwave and the wall to the living room.

One thing I am loving is our file cabinet.The top drawer is all of Rick's medical and military records. The bottom drawer is all our household files:mortgage documents,bank records,vital information,product manuals,etc. I had eliminated one big file box just for Rick's stuff alone,then I was able to get rid of a strong box (which didn't lock and was stuffed)and a accordian style file system. If I need something,I no longer have to go into the bedroom,go into my closet,reach into the bottom of it,and pull something out. Now it's right here next to the computer desk in the living room.Saves time and energy!

So my organizing has begun early.

Tomorrow I start my weight loss program.That is going to be hard,as I am an emotional eater,but I am tired of being overwieght and being embarrassed about it. However,I am excited about this up upcoming year,and so far am enjoying being more thoughtful and organized about what I want to do.

I ask myself these questions:
1) What do I want to do?
2) What do I need to accomplish it?
3) How will I acquire what I need?
4) Is it feasible?
5)What are the benefits?

One thing myself and My Dear Friend Michelle had discussed in the past was beekeeping. I like the thought of having my own honey and beeswax. Plus they are a vital part of nature,and it seems like bees are disappearing.Since this year we are doing quite a few new things,I figured we would hold off on the beekeeping.I don't want to be overwhelmed,and Rick's health is always a concern. However, true to form,My Dear Friend does not only throw ideas out there,she actually does them.She is reading up on beekeeping,and,barring something major,she wants to have bees this year.Yet again,she is ahead of me!

What are your resolutions?

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  1. It seems the more I read blogs the more it seems that everyine is trying to get better organised, perhaps a new decade has made us all think today is the day!:D