Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Waiting For Snow

We have been lucky up here in NH. We have escaped the last two big storms that rolled through the Mid Atlantic. In fact,as of yesterday we have been one month without any snow falling at all. Alas,today that stretch is going to be broken. We are waiting for a snowstorm to hit us. It's suppose to start late this morning. Right now it's 9:52 AM and the sun keeps peeking out. There are some rather forbidding looking clouds heading towards us from the South/Southwest. They are very dark. School has been cancelled,which actually seems strange when you consider that it hasn't even started snowing yet. However, I am glad that the superintendant has erred on the side of caution.The snow is suppose to start within the next hour or two,and increase in intensity,so by the time the kids would've been getting out of school around 2:30,the storm would be in full swing and the roads bad. Plus,we have only had one snow day all season,I believe.Last year the kids wound up going to school until the end of June because of all the snow days from storms and from the ice storm we had. ( We were lucky from that storm. Here we only lost power for maybe 8 hours. I had friends who lost power for three to five days).

Today we are suppose to get anywhere from 5-9 inches of snow.And I can finally see the top of my stonewall!!!! Dagnabit!!!! Hopefully it won't last long. The snow has been melting here,the water running down the dirt road and down the side of the main road. The only bad thing about that will be the MUD. I don't like Mud Season at all,though I would rather have that than snow I guess. I know some of you are saying,"Mud Season? There is a Mud Season?" Yes, up here we have Mud Season,which is right after the snow melts and the ground defrosts. In fact, we have a couple extra seasons. While most people have Spring,Summer,Fall,and Winter,we up here have the following- Mud Season,Spring,Black Fly Season,Summer,Fall,and Winter. Spring and Black Fly Season overlap each other,since Black Fly Season starts in May when the weather gets warmer and Spring is in full swing.No one likes Black Fly Season.

No black flies around today. We are waiting for the snow to hit. Our woodstove is going,I bought my groceries yesterday,and no one has to go anywhere. We are cozy and content.

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  1. I gave you a Sunshine award! http://jsmwebber.blogspot.com/2010/02/two-lovely-surprises.html