Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pittsburg Bound

Tomorrow we are off on a camping trip to the northern most part of NH-Pittsburg,in the Great North Woods,right on the Canadian Border.It's been a couple of years since we went.Last year,Rick was healing up from his surgery,so we didn't go. We went to Malone,NY to visit the Almanzo Wilder Farm (which is in Burke). Hotel staying was much easier on Rick.

However, it's a year later,and Rick is physically better and he's ready to go. We are staying at Ramblewood Campground again,which is a nice camping area. It's family owned,and they have about 20 sites,some for RV and some for tenting (we tent). They have port-o-potties,fresh water,showers,and laundry. They also have an area in the main building with a pool table and board games. We are staying at Site 11 again, which has a marvelous view of First CT Lake,and is away from everyone:

View of First Connecticut Lake and the Main Building
They have paddle boats,small motor boats,and a larger one for rent. This year,we have a canoe,so that will be fun as well. Rick and Zach want to do a lot of fishing,and Pittsburg has many dirt roads with ponds on them,let alone the lakes.I enjoy driving down the dirt roads and checking things out.I will bring some books that I haven't read yet and catch up on that while the boys are fishing.
Boating on First Connecticut Lake
Part of the fun of going up to Pittsburg is trying see wildlife. It's not called "Moose Alley" for nothing. We always see at least three or four moose,but they tend to be camera shy.Maybe this year we will be lucky and get a photo.

Today we are grocery shopping for the trip. I am making gluten free chocolate chip cookies and brownies,as well as a potato salad.We try to keep camping food as simple as possible-eggs,bacon,and toast (gluten free) for breakfast,sandwiches and chips for lunch,and hot dogs or hamburgers with potato salad for dinner. We usually go out to a restaurant our last night and stop for breakfast on the way home. I also need to do laundry and we are packing up the truck today (food being the exception-that will wait til tomorrow). That way,we don't have to rush around getting ready in the morning. It takes anywhere from 4 to 4 1/2 hours to get to Pittsburg from here,depending on the route one takes and what the traffic is like. Traffic should not be bad,since we are leaving on a Monday. We will be coming back on Thursday.

We anxious to visit our favorite place on earth. We still hope to live up there someday,but for now we enjoy our brief camping visits!

See you later on in the week!

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