Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011 Garden Tour

I know, I have been remiss in posting.It seems like the same thing,for the most part,each day,and I have failed to to be motivated to chat about it.

However, last Saturday,our Garden Club had it's annual Members Garden Tour. We had several folks open up their yards so we could poke around and ask questions,or just take photos and admire. My garden was not on this tour. Our yard is still a bit disheveled,and I am sort of out of the loop up here-most members live down in Farmington,and there is nice loop between their homes which is more convenient than trekking up here,out of the way. Sadly,my camera battery died at the house with the biggest garden,and I was not able to take photos at the last house. :(  I did get some good photos up until then,though.

Our first house was that of Kyle and his husband,Stan.They have a small lot,filled with flowers,herbs and veggies mixed in together:

Our second house was that of Pete. Pete is the repurposer (if that is a word)of things.He has compost bins made of truck liners,has veggies growing out tires,and built a greenhouse out of old windows. In the second photo,you will see him showing us his cold frame that he made from dry sink and old window,and in the third you will notice a tall rocket shaped structure.That is an old tanning bed topped with a plastic ball he had.He made it into a small garden tool shed.

The third house was that of Stephanie and her partner,John.Stephanie is a cartoonist who has sold her cartoons to "Chicken Soup For the Soul" books and is the head of the Garden Group.John is the editor of the local paper.After touring their garden they treated us to Cucumber Gazpacho Soup and ice tea.

Fourth stop was the home of Sally.  She had a nice mix of veggies,fruit and flowers.
Fifth house was that of my Dear Friend Michelle.She has a great set up with a bee hive (though the bees disappeared last year),a barn she and her hubby built,rain barrels,chickens,and goats.

The sixth house was that of Carl and Kay. Carl and Kay are an older couple.They built their house,haul water from their pond,cook on a wood stove,and built their own sugar shack for maple syrup.They have massive gardens,and can or dry their harvest to last them through the winter. They eat no meat or eggs.The first photo is that of their sugar shack and the wood shelter for the wood they use to boil their syrup.

That's where my camera battery died :(  The seventh house was that of Pat and Manny. They have horses,chickens,and a small pond. They have two or three garden areas.They invited us to a feast of strawberry soup,spinach quiche,brussel sprouts,salad,and lavender shortbread cookies.

It was a very interesting tour. Lots of good ideas to store away for future reference!

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