Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Queen of Procrastination

Procrastinate,verb; Procrastination,noun.....  to put off;delay (Webster's New Pocket Dictionary)

I have given myself a new title-The Queen of Procrastination. With this title,I have decided to give myself a pretty crown to go with it!

Purty,isn't it? Too bad I don't feel as purty on the inside.

I have bemoaned my fate as a procrastinator before.Remember way back in the beginning of the year,when,like each year before it,I announced the end of my procrastination? I was organizing! I was decluttering! I was using my time wisely and to the fullest! Yep indeedy Skippy,this year was going to be different.


Have I always been this way? No,I don't think so. I was always nervous about not getting things done in a timely manner. Why,oh why, have I slipped so?

Laziness? I don't think I am lazy. Too busy trying to keep Rick on track? I don't think so. How the heck can I keep him on track when I can't keep my own train running full speed ahead? A bit of depression? Perhaps. It rears it's ugly head more times than I care to count. Sometimes I view my life as very boring when I am in the "dark place." The same thing,day in,day out.  Do I need to find my place in the sun? Probably. My Dear Friend Michelle and I have discussed our purpose in life many times. She says that she has found hers homeschooling her boys.It brings her great fulfillment.She is a great inspiration,always doing something-building a bee hive,making her pantry more effective,recreating her craft room into a more cozy schoolroom. This gal has motivation in spades! I,on the other hand look around and say,"Oh well, that can wait." 

Posting here is a good example. Something will happen that I want to write about,which, of course,I will write about tomorrow because I want to let the thoughts simmer a bit,or I am in the middle of a good book,or something or another. Then of course,tomorrow becomes today,and no blog post. I still haven't downloaded the photos from our trip (which was very enjoyable,by the way). I have barely read any blogs in the last few weeks,either,so my Blogging Friends, please don't take offense.It's me,not you.

Sometimes I get so mired in procrastination that I feel I can't get out...heck,I don't know how to get out! I've tried several things,none of which last more than a couple of weeks. Always inspired,very little follow through. Sigh. I feel like a huge fake.

Have any of  you been through this? If so,what helped you out of it? I am more than willing to hand my title off at any time!!!


  1. ahhh honey....sometimes the crap that we have to deal with in life takes over our lives and becomes our lives. it happens to everyone.

    whenever i am blue or sad or un-inspired...i just go out and walk around. and look at all of the awe-inspiring things that surround me. that our Lord created for me to ooh and ahhh at.

    Donna, you have been through soooo very much for many years now. it is very difficult to keep a positive perspective when sooo much has been thrown at you.

    you are not the Queen of Procrastination...though your crown is very pretty. maybe you are just letting all that you have been through finally catch up to you. ride the wave. and then go outside and look at your beautiful compost bins.

    sometimes the best medicine is to get off of our own backs and breathe. just breathe, honey. you have been under incredible amounts of pressure for years...let go of the pressure. there is no need for it anymore. just breathe. and be. the inspirational muse will return. i promise.

    i hope this made sense. if not...let me know...i have so many things that i want to say to you.

    your friend,

  2. Kymber, great comments. Ahh, many can relate, certainly I can. It's helping as I get older (I'm 57 now), to accept the fact that I just don't always want to be at the same pace as many around me. I just need a slower one. And when I've managed to seem to "keep up", I suddenly find I'm just pooped out, and desperately need some down time. I know I'm not lazy either. I do dip in and out of depression easily, and have to take care with that. We'd maybe both fit in better in most of Europe, or the American south where I lived for a bit. People in both seem to take extreme pleasure in lolling about, without the need to accomplish so much. I hope it helps to know you are far from alone. It's a lot of people's dirty little secret. Too bad it can make us feel so bad about ourselves. That's all. You may enjoy this blog as well:

  3. Ladies, your words,as always,are very kind and help my soul. They feel like a big old hug,thank you! I appreciate it very much :)

    1. Donna - i am glad that our words feel like a hug - i think that's what both Julie and i were trying for.

      and thank you Julie...i checked out the link you provided and i hope that you did too Donna....lots of interesting stuff there.