Monday, August 10, 2009

Homesteader vs.Fauxsteader

This weekend was busy getting ready to bring Zach up to Boy Scout camp in Maine. This is his first year as a Boy Scout, so he was really excited. He has been to Cub Scout camp (with me as leader in tow) but Boy Scout camp is different. I am curious to hear his take on it.
So Rick and I are childless this week. We have two VA appointments tomorrow ( Neuro TBI and Memory therapy), but they are on the same day,which is good. The bummer is it's also Rick's 47th birthday,and the last thing he wants isto have appointments on his birthday. However, we take the soonest appointments we can get,so we can get them out of the way. Rick wants to celebrate his day after Zach is home (which will be Friday) but I might take him out for dinner or something nice. I bought him an early present,a tool box with two levels on wheels. This way he can wheel it where ever it needs to go,and he doesn't have to put more strain on his knees lifting it.
Rick and I were discussing our foray into homesteading the other day. We are firm in our belief that we can do more for ourselves,the question is what exactly do we want to do,what will it require,and will it be feasible? We already know we need to plan things way in advance to make anything work. We will have a bigger garden next year,with raised beds to cut back on weeds. I never want to look at a weed again! With all the rain that has been showering down on NH this summer,the weeds have had a field day. I plan on canning any extra food we don't eat ( I should have it down pat by then),and we also are going to have more turkeys,and have chickens. What we want to do is sit down together and begin our plan. My big concern is Rick's knees. He can only do so much at a time,and while I am certainly more than capable picking up any slack,I don't want this to become a source of frustration for him. He has enough of that as it is with regular activities,let alone any extras. He assures me,however, that he can do what needs to be done,and that he is excited about this endeavor. He keeps asking me if I am serious about it, because he has wanted to do this his whole life.
Now, I know some will read my blog and have issue with the fact that I call it homesteading. I know some people buy land,build right on it,do without,have compost toilets,etc.We have a house,a garage,a furnace (though we don't use it often),running water,electricity,indoor plumbing,and a flat screen TV. My thought of homesteading is living off the land as much as possible,living as frugally as possible, but still being able to buy something nice once in a while,as long as it's needed and practical. Mindless purchases are out.Is the term "homesteading" getting overly used? Possibly. However, it best describes what we are trying to do. I know from reading many blogs that there are a lot of people out there trying to life the best life they know how,and to me it shouldn't matter if you live in a three story house on 1/4 acre of land,a rustic cabin in the woods,or a mobile home on 40 acres. The goal is all the same-being able to do for ourselves. That should be most important thing.

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