Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Middle of the Marathon

We are in the middle of our VA marathon week,and Rick and I are both getting tired. Yesterday we left at 6:30 AM for his 8:00 AM endocrinologist appointment. The first question he asked was the one all the new doctors we see ask:"So...why are you here today?"
My first inclination is to tell them to read their notes and referral. But I think they might actually ask to see if we know what's going on. So we told him about the blood work,Rick's testosterone and cortisol,how he's tired and has less strength,etc, etc. He looked at the blood work and right away he was not impressed with either test. He thought Rick's cortisol level was fine,and he said the testosterone test wasn't really they right one. Sigh. So he ordered a cortisol-all-in-one-everything-under-the-sun test. He is also being tested for adrenal failure. They took 14 vials of blood. Rick also had his memory therapy session,and got more homework to help with thought focus. While we were in that appt,Rick's orthopedist called the cell phone. Apparently,he read the bone scan,and basically told us nothing we didn't already know-that there is something wrong with Rick's knee bones,his kneecap,and that he wanted to send Rick down to the Boston VA for a consult. They are considering surgery. So we don't know if the doctor wants a second opinion before we get the actual results or what. Is the black areas in his knee bones dead bone like they thought,or is something else going on? Is the arthritis in his knee rheumatoid arthritis? Can they fix his knee cap,or is he too old and the arthritis too settled in like we were originally told? Lots of questions, but so far no answers.
Today we are bringing Rick for his sleep apnea study,again at the Manchester VA. Instead of driving down there,dropping him off for 8:00PM,driving back,and leaving at 4:30 AM to pick him up tomorrow morning,Zach and I are going to bask in the lap of luxury and stay at the Radission hotel,near the VA. This way,we can all have supper together and not rush. In the morning we will pick up Rick and bring him back to the hotel for breakfast,then head home. I suppose that spending money on a hotel room and restaurant flies in the face of saving money,but at this point, I am so tired from running back and forth that I need a break.

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