Monday, February 13, 2012


Last week, I was very pleased to learn that my blogging bud Kymber nominated me for a blogging award! Kymber and her love,Jambaloney, live at the their "bug out" house,aka Framboise Manor, and are in the process of fixing it up,as well as learning how to be more self sufficient. Both have big hearts and are very caring folk!

The rules for the acceptance of this award are as follows:

1) Copy and paste the award on your blog
2)Link back to the blogger who gave you the award
3)Pick 5 favorite blogs with less than 200 followers and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they received the award.
4)Hope the 5 blogs will keep spreading the love and pass it to 5 more blogs

After much deliberation,I have decided on the following 5 blogs:

1)One of my fellow Laura Ingalls Wilder admirers,who happens to also be named Laura! Her blog,A Simple Happy Life is about her life over in Michigan.She also loves old photographs from antique stores!

2) I follow Prairie Harmony,which is a nice blog about life in the Midwest. It's a fairly new blog,with just a handful of followers,so I hope my readers will check her out and give her some follower love!

3)We now go international....Sue,my New Zealand blogging friend,has a great sense of humor which spills over at her blog, Living The Good Life. Farm animals,crafts,remodeling,daily life...all told with her great wit.

4) I couldn't find how many followers this particular blog has,but I had to nominate Mike,The Garden Rockstar,because I enjoy his blog,My Earth Garden, so much.His posts range from gardening to canning to his experiment with trying to see how hard it is  spending only what one would get on food stamps for a month. I think many others would enjoy his blog.

5)And last, but certainly not least,my "neighbor" over in Maine,Pamela.Her blog,The Cheeky Seagull is a very pretty blog,with great craft ideas.

Please check out these great blogs! Have a great day!

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  1. Hey Donna! Hope you feeling better. Thanks for the nomination for the blog award, and congrats on yours! I will spread the word. :) Pamela