Monday, February 6, 2012

Yay For Farmington!!!!!

This morning Patriots Nation is in mourning over the loss to the NY Giants.Better luck next year,boys.

There are days I find it hard to put words down on this blog,because,let's face it,there are days when nothing noteworthy happens or when nothing inspires me. There are only so many times I can tell folks that we cleaned house,fed the chickens, and the weather was great. Not very exciting to write,nor exciting to read.So is the dilemma of a blogger.

This past week was Garden Club,and we had a guest speaker from Dover,who helps run their community garden. Apparently,Farmington has a piece of land that is no longer in use that they are willing to let folks use as a community garden. The land has fencing around it,which will be good for keeping out animals. It will be cleaned up in the spring. One of the selectman in the town was at the meeting,and we all had a great discussion of whether is should be a communal garden,or should folks be able to rent/buy their own plot? Many questions were asked of the Dover lady,and it was very interesting.They have a communal plot,where everyone works it and shares in it. The last thought for the Farmington folks was maybe having a communal area,and an area for folks to have their own plots,depending on how big the response is. I think the fact that Farmington is willing to do this is fabulous,and kudos to the Farmington Democrats for bringing this up to the town for consideration.There are lots of folks who live in town with no land that could benefit from this endeavor,as well as low income families who could help themselves grow some fresh food.(Here in Middleton,there are no apartments,only single family homes that are owned or rented.The townsfolk do not want apartments,and any new homes must have a minimum of two acres,so a community garden is not necessary) Our next meeting should be very interesting as well. We have a lady who sells raw milk coming to discuss the raw milk issue. I think we have all heard the controversy over the selling of raw milk. Personally,I can see both sides of the argument:one hand,it's not processed,so who knows if someone could get sick,but on the other,if someone is willing to buy raw milk,and they are aware of risks (if any),then shouldn't they be allowed to do so? I really don't know enough about this subject either way,so the discussion should be very enlightening.

Saturday Rick and Zach went to the Boy Scout Klondike. The Klondike is a yearly winter event in which the boys drag a sled to various stations,and they have to complete each station (first aid,shelter building,etc). The boys received a 2nd and 3rd place in a couple stations,and won 3rd place overall. Both Rick and Zach came home quite pink faced and tired from being in the wind and cold for eight hours,but they both had a great time.

Yesterday was  Green and Red (a yearly celebration of the birthday of Boy Scouts) but I wound up staying home.I woke with my head foggy,and I just thought that maybe I didn't sleep well and once I had my coffee and got moving it would clear up.( I think we have all been there before) Well, I was sitting here at the computer,and all at once, I had a massive head rush.I thought I was going to pass out! After that,my stomach started getting funky. Oh no! I thought maybe if I ate a bit of something that would help,but I couldn't finish my cereal. OK,maybe I can just work through it. I made my gluten free cocktail hot dogs for the  Red and Green,and then took my shower. Maybe after that I would feel better.

Well,that was a bad call,because as soon as I stepped out of the shower,I proceeded to get sick. Twice. Lovely. So for the first time in all of Zach's scouting years (which started in first grade) I missed the yearly celebration,which also has the boys getting advancements. Sigh. I watched "Game of Thrones" (my new obsession) and took a nap,getting up in time for the Super Bowl. Looking back,I would've preferred sleeping through it!

Have a Fabulous Day on this Fabulous Planet!!!


  1. Even though sometimes normal, everyday life, might not be the stuff to blog about, yay for good ol' boring life sometimes, right? No news is good news. I enjoy whenever you post. Hope you're feeling better, Donna!

  2. i got a blog award - woohoo! and nominated your blog in return. check out my blog for details.

    your friend,

  3. How kind of you Julie,thank you! I am feeling better,but now the boys are sick :(
    Kymber, I am checking you out now,and thank you for the nomination!