Sunday, October 28, 2012

Waiting And Wondering

Superstorm/Frankenstorm/Hurricane/Nor'easter/Hybrid Sandy is keeping us waiting and wondering.I have never seen a storm with so many different titles attached to it. No one is 100% sure of where it's going to hit. It could be around Maryland/DE,it could be NJ,it could be further north in NYC. Where she hits landfall all depends on how much rain and wind we get here in NH. She will hit landfall tomorrow around noon,according to our NH forecast,and they are basing our rain and wind on the current track,which is Sandy making landfall around Maryland/DE. Based on that,we are going to get some heavy bands of rain,with wind gusts of up to 60 MPH. They haven't said what the constant wind speed will be. However,the weather here will deteriorate after noon time tomorrow. Our coast,even though it's only 13 miles long,will surely take a beating in some way shape or form. Folks were taking their boats out of the water over the last couple of days.I hope we don't have any branches break and almost hit the house like with Irene last year.At least most of the trees in our yard have lost their leaves,so that helps.

Today I am going to bring in my skeletons,spiders,and my big pumpkin head. We have a few things in the yard that will need to be put in the garage so they don't fly around. Wood for the wood stove is going to be put on the porch. Our light for the chicken coop got put up yesterday,and the main door that we keep open during the nice,warm weather will be closed. We will fill the feed and water dispensers up and they will be all set.

Rick put boards up on our screen windows in the mud room. Partially because of the storm-Irene blow out some of our screens-but also because we want to use the room this winter. We do still need to put some flashing up between the house and the mudroom,because it leaks.

The worst part of it will be,of course,in those areas where it lands and the immediate surrounding areas,and we are keeping the folks in it's direct path in our thoughts. 

We will have to see what happens as the weather forecast is updated during the day.

If you are reading this and are in it's path,please stay safe.


  1. Be safe and hoping it isn't too bad in your little corner of the country.

  2. So good to know you have had time to take the proper precautions and preparations that you need to. I have never been through a storm like this. It is good you were able to get the gravel in the chicken coop and will not have a muddy mess when all of this stormy weather is over with. Will be thinking about you guys, keep us updated when you can! Hugs :)

  3. Thank you ladies! We made it through unscathed,thankfully :)