Monday, January 7, 2013

Delays Are OK

Yesterday we had planned to begin the reorganization of our closets/decluttering of our bedroom. Rick wanted to go out hunting in the morning (coyote) first,which was fine. He told me Saturday night that he was going to go out early and we would get started on the bedroom when he came back. I said that was fine,but I did want to start by late morning at the very latest. I am one of those people who cannot begin a project in the middle of the afternoon. I feel the day has already gone by. He replied that he would be back by then. No problem.

Sunday morning,when I woke up,he was laying in his recliner still in his PJ's at 7:30 AM. I asked him if he was going to go hunting,and he said no,he changed his mind. Around 9:00 AM,he changed it again and said that he wanted to go,just for a little while,and we would start when he got back. OK,no problem again. By 10:00,he was gone with Brother B.

They came back around 12:00. Apparently,Rick had slipped on some ice on a dirt road,wrenched his shoulder,hurt his back, and dislocated his right thumb. He said he had to lay down for a while. He usually does take a nap after going hunting or working outside. He said he would be up by 2:30. I knew,of course,that he was not going to feel like doing anything afterwards,because he would be mighty sore from the fall,and I would not want to start a project of that size at that time of day.When he woke up,I was learning how to crochet a snowflake. No organizing for us.

Much of what goes on ( or doesn't go on) around here centers around how Rick is feeling,like I mentioned in my previous post. Of course,he took a nasty fall and hurt himself,which is out of the ordinary.I don't blame him for wanting to lay down-I would've done the same. 

When we plan things,I have to be flexible. I never know what kind of day Rick will have. He could have a great motivated day, a real up and at 'em-or it could be a day where he takes a long time to get going. In this case,it was a bit of lack of motivation, a touch of taking a long time to get out into the woods,and the rarity of getting hurt.

I have learned over time that I have to roll with each day. Things will get done,I just cannot keep beating over the head with it. I can certainly encourage and remind him of things,but I cannot push him. 

Today he is all fired up and ready to go. He has run to the store with Brother B  to get some storage bins so we can begin. I better get myself going as well!

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!!


  1. Donna, my sweet NH friend, first off - a very happy new year to you and all of yours - 2013 seems so promising so far and i have a good feeling about all of the things that we all can get accomplished this year.

    next - i am like Rick. jam and i will talk in the hottub before bed and if i am feeling all full of p*ss and vinegar, i will make great plans for the next day. but if i am unable to sleep for the majority of the night...and then wake unrested in the morning...then i just don't feel up to doing anything more than cooking our food, cleaning dishes, wiping down counters and then climbing on the couch. jam is like you and understands.

    the closet re-organization can wait for a day or two or three. i know that you understand this.

    i am so sorry that he hurt himself. i hope that he feels better today.

    again all of the best to all of you in this glorious new year!

    your friend,

  2. Happy New Year to you and Jam!

    I know that you are going through similar issues and I am always grateful for your input.We take things one day at a time,and it has taken me a long time to realize that is not a bad thing.Hubby's mental health is more important than any old project.
    Love to you and Jam,my friend!!!