Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome To The New Year!

I hope everyone had fabulous holidays,whatever you celebrated!

We had a very nice Christmas. We got Zach a Kindle Fire so he could get all the books he wants.His room is small,so it saves room. He has been reading and watching "The Walking Dead" on it. That was his big gift of the year.He also got a few video games,a movies,some clothes,and some flavored hot chocolate.

I was down and out for a few days during Christmas break,thankfully after Christmas. Mother Nature decided to visit,and it was horrible. I lived on extra strength Midol and Advil Migraine for two days. It's been years,if ever,since I had such a bad time. Terrible cramps,migraine headaches,and feeling exhausted. I was in bed for two days. I finally got better just in time for New Years,thankfully!

I made no resolutions this year,as I never keep them. I am just going to keep on working on everything I am already working on. I know I will face set backs,but I am human and I will not let it get me down. It's easy when you see a brand new year stretched out in front of you to make all kinds of promises to yourself,but I know my track record.I throw myself all in, am diligent for a couple of months,then it all falls to pieces. Since Thanksgiving,I haven't done too much,but now that things are back to normal,I am in the swing again. Rick has not had much motivation,and he has admitted as much,so we have planned a couple of jobs around the house to get his feet wet again. I have come to grips with the fact that it will take a long time to get some things around here done,and that is OK. We are not going anywhere,so if it takes another 6 months to finish the kitchen,so be it. We are not trying to impress anyone,and I know my family and friends understand.Rick and I discussed getting him back in to the swing of things,and I am going to to make a list of what needs to be done to finish the kitchen and other things around the house,but I am not going to display the whole list as in the past. He finds that too overwhelming and it makes him feel rushed. So I am going to post one job at a time in order of importance.We are going to start small. Some of these things I am capable of doing,but you have to understand that Rick sees me doing a project that he was suppose to do and it makes him react negatively. " I told you I was going to do that,don't do it," he will say. He gets annoyed and frustrated,and he feels like like failure. This is why some things are taking so very long.

Most of my Christmas decorations are down,with the exception of our tree and some garland in the house,plus my outdoor decorations. Today,the tree decorations are coming down,and the garland.I will leave the outdoor decorations up a few more days.I will make a list of anything I need to replace or get more of ( like my popcorn tree garland) so I remember to get it next year.

Rick and I are embarking on a project very soon.It's not a huge one,but it should make things a bit smoother for him and help make our bedroom a bit better. I will post about that later in a post that I will call " A Tale of Two Closets."

Here's to a wonderful 2013!

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!


  1. I was listening to public radio on the way to the laundromat and they were discussing resolutions for the New Year. The guest said that most people will make great plans, with the best of intentions and then end up not sticking with their resolutions.

    She said that instead of becoming discouraged, that we should just think of it as an opportunity to have another New Year, with more resolutions. Since I make only one never make any resolutions...I should be fine. Juds

  2. I am so glad that you are feeling better! Ugh I'll just leave it at that lol ;) I like your no resolution, resolution for the new year! That is along the lines of my resolution for balance. Not a one year goal but a lifelong adventure for sure :) I really like your one item list for Rick instead of displaying the whole list. What a fantastic idea!!! Zach's gifts sound like fun! How wonderful at his age to have a virtual library at your fingertips... I would never have slept at night because I would have been up all night reading. I can't wait to see the new project you both are working on. Always a joy to see your creativity. Happiest of new years to you my friend! Hugs Amy :)

  3. Donna - I like to think of the New Year in terms of "taking stock". It's a time to look at all my ongoing projects, some I thought I'd have done by now, and others not. Regardless, it's just time to reflect on where I am at the beginning of the year, and what I'd like to keep working toward accomplishing, or take off the list, as my priorities and desires change. It seems like a natural time to do it; after the family and friend celebrations, and into a quiet time of hibernation and inner reflection that the dead of winter calls for.
    Again, I love reading your clear vision of what's really important. It's certainly not the timeline, as much as we all like to see things accomplished, but the bigger picture. We all are a lot more than tasks on a list, and the fact that you see that is what makes you a calming presence in your family, and a clear voice for your readers. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. Thank you,Julie! "Taking stock" is a fabulous way to describe what is being done around here,as opposed to "resolutions". Happy New Year to you and yours as well! Always wonderful to hear from you :)