Monday, November 9, 2009

Nice Warm Days

Good morning!
The sun is shining yet again in NH. We have been having what I call a touch of Indian Summer.The temps yesterday were in the low 60's,and today in some spots it might hit the upper 60's. That is considered rather warm for mid November around here!
Poor Zach has come down with a cold. He spent Friday night at My Dear Friend Michelle's house,since he and her son,Ethan are great buds. I picked him up at her house Saturday morning so we could go do Scouting For Food. (If you are not familiar with what SFF is,Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts go out and place door hangers (up til this year is was a bag) on people's doors,then the following week they pick them up. People donated canned goods which go to local food banks.) On the way to our meeting spot,Zach informed me that he was coming down with a cold. He started coughing Fri night,and his nose was stuffy. I asked if he felt OK otherwise,and he said he was OK, he could still do SFF. The route took about 3 hours,with two other boys helping at one point,but for the most part we only had one other boy helping us. We placed slightly over 200 door hangers.
That afternoon,we had a birthday party to go to. Rick's nephew,Brody,turned 13. It was mostly adults,Zach and Brody were the only kids there,so there wasn't any running around or anything. I could tell that Zach was tired-he had circles under his eyes,which he always does when he is under the weather-and he was a bit quiet.We didn't stay long,maybe a couple of hours. When we got home, I took his temp,which was 99.5. Low grade fever. So I gave him a good dose of nightime cold medicine,some Gatorade,a box of Kleenex,and he was asleep by 8:30.
Yesterday I kept him in bed all day,and today,even though his fever had gone down,I kept him home from school. He coughed all night,so he didn't get the best rest,and he still doesn't look well. He is taking part in a flag ceremony tomorrow at school in a Salute to Veterans,so I want to make sure he doesn't miss that.
Rick has been working on our hallway/living room remodel. Hopefully my computer will be cooperative and download photos so I can show you the progress.

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