Friday, November 20, 2009

A Waxy Mess

Now that I finally have the wicks to do my candles, I decided to make some yesterday afternoon. I wanted to make some votives and a pillar.
I prepped my votive and pillar molds,making sure that I had candle sealer over the holes in the bottom of the molds.
I melted my wax,then added the Pumpkin Spice scent. I added quite a few drops-I like a nice,strong scent.Then I added the orange liquid coloring.When I poured my first votive,the color was more yellow than I wanted,so I added more coloring to the batch. This time the color was a darker orange,which I liked. Great!
I poured the wax into the pillar mold.
All of a sudden,wax started coming out of the bottom of the mold! It got all over my stove,so I grabbed a bowl and put the mold in it. In the process of doing that,wax got on my counter and my floor.
Then My Dear Friend Michelle called. She was down at our mutual friend Shelley's house,and they were making rolled candles for a project for Cub Scouts. Michelle had ordered me a square silicone pan for a soap mold,and she had it with her. Would it be OK for her to drop it off?
I looked around my house. I had wax puddles,remodeling tools on the table,tools on the floor,stuff everywhere,and a dirty floor to boot! (At least I had dusted and swept-drywall dust,no matter how much the hall was blocked off,was everywhere.) In other words,my house was a wreak. However, I said,"Sure,just don't mind my messy house."
I usually don't like to have people at the house unless it's neat and tidy. I am trying to get over that. People come to see us,not to critique my home. However, I knew Michelle would understand. Her and her hubby have done the interior work on their home,and she knows what that entails. Plus,my house is a HOME. It is not a museum. There are days when it's disgusting,and then there are days when you could eat off the floor.Yesterday was not a off-the-floor-eating day,however!
After Michelle left, I got all the wax back into the melting pot,remelted it,added extra mold sealer to the pillar mold,and tried again.
Same thing happened.
So I gathered up the wax and put it back in the melting pot again.It's ready to remelt when I need it. I am done with pillar molds. I will stick to mason jars. You put the wick in,fill them up,and it's a gift. My votives did come out great,though. Now I need to make my McIntosh Apple as well as Cinnamon candles.
I can't wait to try my new soap mold!!!Thanks, Michelle!

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