Friday, March 26, 2010

Gearing Up for the Garden

Yesterday I started seeds for my peppers and for my kitchen garden. I never realized how freaking tiny some of those seeds are! I wear bifocals (mostly for reading,seeing up close and being able to read road signs from a distance while driving) and even with them on I had a real hard time seeing where one seed begins and the next one ends. The biggest (or should I say smallest?) offender is Spearmint. Tiny,tiny seeds. I couldn't even pick one with with tweezers. I had to literally just pour them out into the dirt,and tried not to pour too many out in one area. I am not sure how these plants will come out,and I know I will have to do a bit of thinning. We shall see what we shall see. One can only learn from each experience. Maybe I need a magnifying glass!

Today I need to make some more hand soap. We are getting a tad low,and have broken out our Irish Spring backup. The one thing I will need to do is get some sort of grid to put on top of the soap dish. The soap breaks down quickly when it sits in the water that accumulates in the dish after each use. The soap needs to sit up high out of the water.

Today I tried Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred" exercise DVD. It is quite the workout,and I could not keep up. My arms ache just from the first level,and I couldn't finish the reps!!! I am trying to get back on the wagon after losing 10 lbs and falling off the wagon. Happily,I only gained back 3 lbs since I stopped working out. I am optimistic that this program will yield good results. Since we have started working outside,I haven't had the urge to snack and my appetite has actually been curbed somewhat.That is always a good thing.

Well, I'm off to make soap. This time around I am using the recipe my Dear Friend Michelle and I used last Fall. The recipe includes Crisco,canola oil,coconut oil,water,and lye crystals,plus any coloring or scent . I am going to make Oatmeal Milk and Honey scented soap.

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