Monday, March 15, 2010

What Happened?

The last time I posted a a couple weeks ago,and I had every intention of posting photos of the boiling down of the sap the next time we did it. Well, I did take pictures,about a week or so ago,and tried to download them into my computer. didn't work. At all. Nothing. Nada. Zip.
Rick and I have come to the conclusion that our old Northgate computer has had it. It was our first computer,purchased in eary 2003. I know the way technology has changed in that time that it makes this computer...what....about 50 years old?? (chuckle).
We have been having problems with it for quite a while,at least 3 years. It would freeze up,whether it was online or off. Sometimes photos would download,and sometimes they wouldn't. And if they would,sometimes it's would take a couple of hours to do so. ( We do have dial up,but nothing is that slow,not even AOL). I can no longer burn pics onto a disc.I tried it not that long ago,and my computer informed me that they disc was incorrect-even though a year before I burned several using the same type of disc.
Alot of websites use new technology and my poor old computer doesn't support it,and when I tried downloading the new files ( such as updated Adobe),my computer didn't like it and kept freezing up.
So Friday we bit the bullet and bought a new computer system,an HP. We got the computer home,and was shocked to realize that there was no port for dial up. We called the store and they said that most computers are no longer set up for dial up,but that they had something that plugs into the USB port that our phone line could plug into. So we went back and bought that.
The bad thing is we can't get internet! We use AOL,and I don't have a disc to download into my new computer. I tried downloading it on a memory stick and transferring it,but that didn't work. I tried entering the dial up phone numbers,my screen name and password in the appropriate place,and it said they were incorrect (which they are not).I tried Windows Easy Transfer,which I had to download to my old computer,but because it required certain updates before it would work,I tried they updates. Uh,it would take 42 hours. Not going to happen. We considered high speed. Fairpoint,our phone carrier,does not offer it here, I don't believe we are three miles from
the area's main office. Time Warner will only do packages-I don't want a package,I just want internet. So... my options are to call AOL and see if they will send me a disc,call Fairpoint and double check about the Highspeed,and if none of those work,go to WalMart and pick up a Net Zero disc.
This is why I put off getting a new computer. :(

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