Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Here!

It is now officially Spring,even though last week it was what we here in NH call a heat wave. The temps soared up to about 70 degrees. That is balmy for our neck of the woods at this time of year. Usually our temps are hovering around the upper 30's to the 40's . Raking the yard started getting mighty warm with a sweatshirt on,so we were going around with short sleeves on.

As soon as the snow melted,we were confronted with this in our front yard:

All the tiny dots are acorns,but I had no idea what those tracks and mounds of dirt were from. Chipmunks? No,trails are too small for those suckers. Plus,they live in our stonewall. These formations were all over our front yard. I didn't take a picture of the worst of it,though. I had trails and mounds EVERYWHERE! No,come to find out it's MOLES. Yep. Which means we must have had some tasty grubs once the snow fell,because before the snow was on the ground,none of that trail system existed. So now we have to perform grub control. At least when I raked it smoothed out the trails and knocked down the dirt mounds. My neighbors had been having a mole issue all along-this is the first time since we moved here in 2003 that we have had any evidence of them.
Now that decent weather is here (even if our heat wave has disappeared for now) it's time to get the yard in order,redo the turkey cage,build a new chicken coop,and get my seeds started. Right now just thinking about everything we need to do is making my head swim.
Today I am starting my peppers,thyme, rosemary,spearmint,oregano,marjoram,and basil. I have always wanted a kitchen garden. I believe that I will put this raised bed in between the house and the garage-it's a great spot with lots of sun,and there is nothing going on with it. I have my fluorescent lights,my heating pads,my starter soil,and my seed tray. I just need to do it to it!!!!

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