Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Zach-July 4,2005

Happy Fourth of July,Americans!!! 234 years of Independence, much of it hard won with the blood and sweat of our fellow countrymen. We are forever indebted to them.

Today is going to be a low key day. Yesterday, I like mentioned in my previous post,Zach and I went to our family reunion. There was about 100 people there,mostly second and third cousins I don't know. The only uncle and aunt were my Uncle Phil and his wife,Aunt Ann. There were a few first cousins,but some of them I didn't know,because they are the children of my fathers half brothers and sisters.Back in the 70's,we used to have family get- togethers more frequently and the only half sibling we ever saw was my Uncle Phil. Finally,in the early 80's,we had a big get together,and I was able to finally meet my father's other half siblings-Uncle Ronnie,Aunt Anita,Aunt Rita,and Aunt Lorraine.

After we got home,we sat in the screen house for a while,chatting. Rick's brother Dale came up to visit,and then later,we had our BBQ and fire. We had cheeseburgers,hot dogs,fresh white perch caught that morning,and homemade beans and potato salad. Our neighbors Kelly and Darlene brought down their son,Jake,and their granddaughter,Isabella (their son Kevin is her Dad),and then a bit later,our other neighbors,Jean and Ron brought down their granddaughter,Savanna. She is a grade behind Zach and they play together sometimes. Once dusk hit we set off our fireworks,and they lasted about an hour. Fireworks are not illegal here in town,as long as they are within reason and not creating noise after 11:00 PM ( it pays it live in the country!). Everyone had a nice time,and the kids had a blast,which was the main idea,so the night was a great success. We have a few fireworks left,so we will set those off tonight.

Yesterday was the beginning of heat wave which is going to last most of the week. It was in the upper 80's,will be again today,and starting tomorrow,will get into the 90's. That is HOT for us here in NH.The humidity is going to kick in as well. Yuck. We are very thankful we have a couple of air conditioners,so I have a feeling that most of the week will be spent inside. Any gardening or watering will have to be early or in the evening. No doubt about that!

For those of you in the USA,have a wonderful Fourth of July,and for those of you elsewhere,enjoy your Sunday!!!!

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