Friday, July 2, 2010

First Veggies!

Here are the first veggies from the garden. Sugar Peas and a Walla Walla Onion. The onion I probably should've let go longer,but I saw it halfway out of the dirt...and well....I got excited.What can I say?
Though there weren't enough peas to cook up,I have put them in fridge,and will pick more today. Since I have never grown peas before,I wasn't sure what length of time I should leave them on the vine once they plump up. Rick ( who is very thankful to be home) had the onion chopped up on a few gluten free hot dogs the day I picked it (Weds) and he pronounced it delicious. So that is encouraging.
I moved the dirt from around the onion bulbs so they can grow larger. My neighbors,Kelly and Darlene,came down to see Rick and Kelly asked me what had happened to my onions,because the green tops were now all down and brown. I told him that was normal. He thought an animal had gotten into them and bedded down!! It is not a pretty site,that's for sure.
Tomorrow Zach and I are going to the Lessard family reunion. That is my Dad's side of the family. There aren't many of my father's siblings left. His youngest sister,my Aunt Rachel, is living with her daughter Sue in WA. She has Alzheimer's ( that makes four siblings-my uncle Richard,my Dad,and my Aunt Marcy all passed away from complications). I believe my Dad has two or three half brothers and sisters left who are younger than my Aunt Rachel. I know my Uncle Phil is still alive. Most of the people at the reunion will be cousins. Rick will not be going,he is not up to going anywhere and visiting yet. Zach and I will go for a couple of hours with my Mom,my sister Linda,and her husband,Tom. My brothers live out in WI,so they will not be going.
Tomorrow night we have our Fourth of July celebration. We will have a BBQ with hot dogs,cheeseburgers,homemade crock pot beans,homemade potato salad,and I am going to make cake. I have frozen blueberries and strawberries that I am going to defrost,and add a bit sugar to. They will be the topping for the cake,and we will put Cool whip on top of that. When it gets dark,we will set off fireworks. The last time we went to a town sponsored fireworks display is when Zach was little. After Rick got back from Iraq,he didn't want to go because of the crowds,so we started doing things at home. It has evolved through the years,first with sparklers and firecrackers (which they don't sell anymore);now we have several roman candles,exploding Bin Laden heads,fountains,Morning Glories,and other assorted goodies. We have invited our neighbors to come down and see them. We have a fire in the fire circle,sit around,chat,and set off the fireworks. We relax on the Fourth.
I am off to bake the cake and make the potato salad!

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