Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome Home!

It's official: Tomorrow Rick is coming home!

He will have to go to the VA twice a week for therapy,but that shouldn't be for long. It will get down to once a week,once every other week,etc. They said the only reason they are letting him go,aside from the fact that he is doing such an amazing job,is that I can bring him to his appts.

I went grocery shopping today,instead of my usual Tuesday,and spent the day sweeping,washing the floors,cleaning our bedroom,washing the bedding,cleaning the bathroom, other words,getting the house nice. Rick's raised toilet seat is in,and the shower bench is ready. We already have a handle in case he needs it to get up off the toilet ( we put that in a couple years ago)and he will be bringing home a hand held shower head and a handle for the tub. He should have no trouble climbing the steps to get into the house,as he has been climbing half a flight of stairs with ease at the VA. Zach made a "Welcome Home Daddy" sign for the house.

He has lost 20 lbs since the operation. He still doesn't really have much of an appetite,but that was to be expected. We were told it might take awhile for it to come back. His clothes hang off of him now,and he is hopeful that he will continue to lose more,once he starts being more active. His goal is to get down to 200 lbs ( he is now at 234-he hasn't been that in a long time). The more weight he loses,the better it is for the life of his knee replacements. I told him we can lose weight together!!!

We got our turkeys on Saturday,and they are quite funny. I finally got the cuke trellis done as well. Rick has been bothered by the fact that he his missing this phase of our Little Farm. We now have a tiny little green pumpkin! I bet that once he gets settled tomorrow the first thing he will want to is walk the property and check everything out. He knows he cannot do ANYTHING! No weeding,feeding chickens or turkeys,NOTHING! All he can do is walk and do his exercises until Dr Bernini tells him differently. Rick does not want to mess his knees up,so I know he will heed what he is told. There was a gentleman in PT with him the other day who did too much when he wasn't suppose to.He felt great,and decided to do some yard work. He wound up dislocating the joint and had to have his knee operated on again to have everything put back in place. Rick does not want to go there. As much as I know it will bother him not being able to do anything, I also know he is smarter than that and he will content himself with just being able to enjoy seeing what is going on (and maybe pointing out what needs to be done!!!)

Well, I need to go make the bed......have a great day!!!


  1. Oh you won't be able to sleep tonight knowing he's coming home. Great news, just keeo that man of your in line in case he does get tempted! :D

  2. LOL,you bet!!! He knows I will give him hell if he tries anything at all :)