Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trying To Catch A Break

As I sit here there are thundershowers coming and going,and it is raining. We wanted to get the fencing done on the coop this weekend,since Rick will be in the hospital starting on Monday.Our NH news channel,WMUR,did say that it was suppose to clear by noontime,at least for a while,so we will have to take advantage of what we can. Anything that doesn't get done I can enlist my brother in law,Brother B,to help,no problem.

This week not a lot got accomplished outside. We had two days of doctor appointments,and whenever we were home it seemed like we either had to run errands or if would rain. My poor garden needs weeding,and I need to plant my herbs,peppers,and cantaloupe.

Tuesday our town is having it's bi annual household bulk pick up,so my sister Linda is bringing up some of the stuff that she no longer can use or is unusable. My Mom is coming up with her to see Rick before his surgery,and they should be here about 10:00 AM. After they leave I am going to My Dear Friend Michelle's house to have tea,chat a bit,and pick up Zach. He spent the night over there,as his Best Friend is Michelle's son,Ethan.It is always very strange when he spends the night somewhere,the house is quiet and takes on a whole different dynamic.

The chicks are getting BIG and I am anxious to move them into their permanent home.

Yesterday Rick and I went to the VA for his pre surgery physical,and he wound up having to go to the dental clinic for an exam. Apparently,surgeries are not done if there is any infections in the mouth,as it can travel into the body. No one informed us of this,and his physical was scheduled for 1:00. But the problem was,whoever was taking care of making sure all his appts were done never scheduled his dental exam. So we were stressing that they wouldn't be able to get us in,and because of how things tend to work for us sometimes,we had it in our minds that his surgery was going to either be cancelled or moved. We were not happy campers. We had to wait until Fee Basis approved the dental appt,then see when they could get us in.Happily,the clinic was not busy,so the wait was more for the approval. Rick does have two impacted wisdom teeth,and the Dr said he really needs to stop chewing tobacco ( a nasty habit he is trying to quit and has actually cut way down on).Other than that,he was fine,his paperwork was faxed to Dartmouth,and he is all set. We left shortly after 4:00 PM and got home at 5:45 PM,still stressed and tired from being stressed.

Dartmouth left a message on the answering machine,telling Rick he needs to be at the hospital for 5:45 AM on Monday,which meds he should take,were we should park,what area we need to go to,etc. Rick is starting to get more anxious. I can't say I blame him. He has been waiting for this for 2 years...and now it's finally here.

Well, I am off to get ready for the day. Have a great one where ever you may be!

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