Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Garden Is Coming Along Part I

These photos of the garden where taken on Saturday. Since then,the garden has grown in leaps and bounds. Because it takes awhile for the photos to upload ( I have dial up) I will do this in two posts,because I have errands I need to run.

The photo above is of my peas. As of yesterday,we now have several pea pods that have come out. In the middle of the square are cantaloupe,then on the far side are lettuce-Caesar and Green Ice. The lettuce is now double the size.

The above box has peppers on the left,green beans in the middle,and on the right in the foreground is zucchini.The back has summer squash.The zucchini and summer squash have started blossoming. You can see our hen house in the background.

This morning I started building the trellis for my cucumbers.I planted Straight Eights in the closest two rows,and in the further two I have planted National Pickling. These have started getting blossoms on them now. It started to rain,so I only have the stakes up.In the back you can see my pumpkins,the Sugar Pie and Jack O Lanterns. They have started growing outside of the box and these too,have started flowering.

This is my carrot and potato box. I took out the soil for the potatoes,and will keep filling in as the sprouts come up. I am staggering my carrot planting.

Here are my Walla Walla onions and my Rutgers Heirloom tomatoes. These I didn't have too much luck starting ,but I plan on buying more Heirlooms to fill in the remaining three boxes.
I will share more of my garden later! Have a great day!!!

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