Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Garden Is Coming Along Part II

This is my kitchen garden. There is Rosemary,Dill, Sweet Basil,Thai Basil,Greek Oregano,German Thyme,Marjoram and Spearmint. You can't see the Marjoram because I bought the other plants (with the exception of the Dill).The Marjoram and the Dill are the only plants that I started from seed that survived,and Marjoram started out very small.
Our strawberry patch! I believe it's called Everglow. There are three harvests- June,July,and August. We now have three green strawberries,so I guess July will be our first harvest,no telling how much we will get. I anticipate the August harvest being better.

Our pumpkin patch,with Jack O Lanterns and Sugar Pie pumpkins. I hope to make some pumpkin pies,and maybe sell a few by the road,depending on the yield. Right now these vines are growing outside of the boxes,which makes it look neat.

This is a better shot of my lettuce. I planted more,and they are now starting to come up. The lettuce,like I mentioned in my previous post, is bigger than this. I can't recall off hand which row is Green Ice and which is Caesar,but I have them marked in the garden at least! The cantalopes in the third row are starting to come along.
Corn! One can never go wrong with corn. I asked my neighbor Ron,who has quite the green thumb,if he knew of any technique to get rid of corn worms. He said to put a drop of mineral oil on them when they start to "swirl." I will have to ask him about that further,since I have no clue as to when they swirl,or what they look like. Does anyone out there know?
I took these photos to show Rick last Saturday. He was amazed at how quickly everything is growing,and feels bad that he is missing this stage of the garden. Today I planted our blackberry and raspberry bushes,and found a home for my Echinacea ( Presido Mix). I put them next to my Lavender bed,which is about to bloom. The Lavender My Dear Friend Michelle gave me has bloomed already. I must cut the blossoms off them soon and dry them. I would like to try Lavender Honey Lemonade this year. I do still have some dried Lavender from last year. I have kept it in a mason jar in a cabinet. I bought three more tomato plants,and made the mistake of buying hybrids. I have heirlooms ( Rutgers) and I didn't want to mix the two,but apparently I mixed up determinate with indeterminate. Oh well. That's how one learns. Hopefully the cross pollination won't mess things up too much.
Today is very muggy,and HOT! We had a downpour earlier,and I wouldn't be surprised if we have a big old thunderstorm later. WMUR ( NH's news station out of Manchester,channel 9) mentioned that there would be scattered storms,and some of them would be heavy. Brother B and I were visiting the chickens when it started raining a bit,and then the skies opened up,and it downpoured with heavy wind. No thunder,though.
Next time I will post pictures of the girls-and two boys. Apparently a couple of roosters found there way into our order,and it is quite funny to hear them try to cock-a-doodle-doo.
Have a great day!!!


  1. Doesn't it make you feel good to see your efforts grow, it feels even better when you pick something and make a meal from it. Good stuff! :D

  2. There is nothing better than fresh food that you have grown yourself!!! We can't wait!