Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting Better All The Time

Rick wound up having low iron in his blood. If this possible from surgery,I don't know. He has had blood work done many times within the last year (he has a physical every six months,plus the blood work Dartmouth did before his surgery) and his iron level was never an issue. They did blood work on Friday at the VA,found his iron was low,and gave him a supplement. When we visited on Sunday he felt much better.

Yesterday my Mom and I went to visit him,and we sat in on his physical therapy session. He was able to bend his knees to 90 degrees,and lift each leg on his own.They had him walk a lap around the corridor with a walker,and were amazed at how well he was doing so soon after surgery.His temperature now only goes up to about 99 degrees,and only after he has exercised. He was more like his old self,cracking jokes and making my Mom laugh so hard she had to wipe tears from her eyes. It's good to see him happy.I haven't seen him like that in a long time,it reminded me of the old days.

This morning I had a Muffin Date with My Dear Friend Michelle.Since the kids get out of school tomorrow,this will be our last one until Fall.That is not to say we will not see each other,but it was the last time we will have some girl time without the kids. I went shopping after to find some shorts,and had a heck of a time. Remember back in the beginning of the year when I was on a diet and exercise track? I swore I was going to maintain it? Well, that fell to the wayside, I am ashamed to say. I still have lost some weight,about 15 lbs,but since I haven't been exercising,lets just say that things are toned as they should be. Though a 14 fits OK,I don't like it because I have (ahem) some pudge which goes over the top of my shorts and I am very embarrassed by it. Then I made the mistake of trying on a bathing suit, a two piece with a tank top and a skirt bottom. Yuck. So I decided to keep my old one piece and just buy a cover up instead. No one needs to see that!!!!!

After I got home, I called Rick. He sounded great! Full of energy. Rick has had a more flat intonation in his voice for a while,and I am sure it had do with the depression he has been having. Now he sounds happy and positive! He informed me that he woke up during the night,and needed to use the restroom badly. Without thinking,he got up,walked without a walker or any assistance to the bathroom,did his business,and got back into bed. Just like that,though of course,it probably took him a bit of time to do so. When he informed his PT nurses today,they were astounded. They even gave him permission to start using the walker full time instead of the wheelchair,even though they said they shouldn't do so quite yet.He told them that the tiny steps they have him taking with walker are uncomfortable for him,and he really needed to take longer strides. It felt better,and gave him more range of motion. The PT nurse is tiny little thing,and Rick said that she had to take quick steps to keep up with him. Again,they were amazed at his progress. I had told Rick that once he is recovered I will probably have to take two steps to his every one,just like in the old days. His is 6 ft and I am 5 ft 2 inches,so I was always telling him to slow down! Then of course, I was the one who had to wait for him after his knees got bad.

Today there is a Dr who specializes in amputations and bilateral joint replacements going to the VA to talk to the PT's. The PT's asked Rick if he would be so kind as to go with them so the Dr could demonstrate various techniques. Apparently,they do not get many bilateral joint replacements at the VA ( most of the patients are older veterans),so they are using single replacement techniques on Rick at this point. I am not sure what the difference could be,but apparently there are some. Rick has people come into his room and say,"So you're the bilateral knee replacement! I don't know if you are crazy or very smart!" Like I already said,bilateral patients are not very common there.

After I spoke with Rick,I planted potatoes. A tad late,I know,but when potatoes should've been planted in spring,we were in the process of building our boxes. Next year we will be on top of the game.

Have wonderful day!!!!


  1. I was smiling reading this today, you must all feel that a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The rate at which Rick is recovering he'll be striding ahead of you again in no time and you'll be rushing to keep up! That will take care of the weight you want to lose! :D

  2. I am hoping,Sue, Ia m hoping!!! :)