Monday, June 14, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Yesterday Zach and I went back to visit Rick.It did his spirits good to see The Boy. Rick did have his low grade fever back (went up to 100.5 before going back down again) and he wasn't feeling as spry as he did on Saturday. They checked his incisions and they are healing well,no red angry areas,and the swelling was minimal. Rick can now lift his left leg easily,and control it as he lowers it.He could not do that just a few days ago. Each day he gets more mobility in his knees,though he still anticipates pain in his joints when he stands.Of course,there is no more pain in his knees,all the pain is in his muscles. Today he begins his Physcial and Occupational Therapy,and will be walking around with walker. He should be starting to practice climbing stairs soon.

Today and tomorrow I am playing catch up around here. Because of the weather over the weekend,the lawn could not be mowed. Between today and tomorrow,I plan on mowing and weed whacking the lawn,weeding the garden,planting potaotes ( I am woefully behind),more lettuce and carrots,the blackberry and blueberry bushes,and I need to find a home for my coneflowers. I need to get groceries,more chicken feed,and clean the house. Today I have ironing and tonight we have a Boy Scout meeting. Happily,Zach is done with school on Friday,and he will be a big help with chores and with Rick.

We hope that Rick can be home by Father's Day-if not,we will bring Father's Day to him and celebrate it properly when he gets home. My Mom and I are going on Weds to visit,and then,since Zach has a 1/2 day of school because it's the last day,we will go visit him on Friday. I feel bad that I can't get there every day to see him,but I know that today he begins his therapy sessions,and that he is going to be tired. He understands that there is a lot going on here,and I have to do what I have to do,but I still feel bad. I miss him very much and will be so very glad when he is home.

Thanks again for all your kind words! I pass along your good wishes to Rick and he appreciates them all.


  1. Hey don't be doing all that weeding and planting and mowing on your own!! Gotta get that Rick doing something after his lounging around in hospital!! Just kidding ♥ Who knows what he'll be capable of when he gets home with his bionic knees! Don't work yourself too hard Donna, some things can just wait.

  2. He will probably work circles around me when he is healed up,that's for sure!!
    I will try and pace myself! :)