Monday, July 5, 2010

Our First Homegrown Meal

Our chicken coop is almost complete. Brother B and our neighbor Kelly have been working on the finishing touches-clapboards and paint.The coop will be yellow,to match the house and garage. The finished building is 7' x 8',with a shingled roof. I will have to take a picture of if when it is all finished.

In the photo above,you can see our girls-The Rhode Island Reds,Silver Laced Wynadottes (with the white on their heads and body) and the black Buff Orphingtons. In certain light their feathers have a greenish tint.
You can see our Jumbo Cornish Game Hens here,one of our Rhode Island Reds,and our lone beige Buff Orphington. We were suppose to have two,but I think they mixed a Rhode Island Red in with the batch,because we wound up with 5 Reds instead of 4,and only one beige Orphington. She is a feisty little thing. I started calling her Buffy,but Brother B named her Runt,because she is smaller than the rest of the flock. Now we all call her Runt. Can you tell which two are roosters? We let the Jumbos grew past when they should've been harvested. Brother B wanted to wait until Rick was home so he could enjoy the first bird;of course,we thought he was going to be home sooner than he was. Yesterday, Zach harvested the two roosters.Brother B was there to help if needed,but Zach did the "deed" on his own.
We gave one of the roosters to Kelly. They were big enough for roasters ( like I said,they went a bit past the time). So last night we had roasted rooster,fresh lettuce,fresh peas,and leftover homemade baked beans. I did have fresh radishes from our neighbor Ron,but I forgot about them ( we will have them tonight). My store bought cuke was no good since I had already cut some of it up and it had been in a sandwich bag for a few days,so our salad consisted of lettuce and peas ( not enough peas to cook up). The whole meal was delicious!
Today is going to hit the 90's. Yuck. I helped Rick stretch this AM. He has his first PT appt on Friday. Today is last day taking blood thinners,and he even shaved yesterday. He was going to wait,but figured he would try it ( if he had cut himself,he would've bled and bled bled because of the thinners)and he did a great job. It's amazing what being in pain can do to one's face. His face looks younger now,and more relaxed. What a difference!!!

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