Monday, November 22, 2010

An Early Birthday Treat

Last Thursday My Dear Friend Michelle took me out for my birthday,which is this Wednesday. We first went out for brunch in Dover at the Silver Moon,which specializes in crepes. (A crepe is a thin pancake that one can put a variety of goodies on,to make it savory or sweet,and it is then folded). She had seen this establishment on Channel Nine on Chronicle,and figured I would be all for trying it out. It's a cute,cozy little place next to the Strand theater. There was a variety of crepes to choose from,from Nutella to turkey and Swiss. I got the pumpkin spice,and she got the red onion,spinach,and feta cheese. We sat next to the window and enjoyed our coffee (me) and tea (her). Michelle thought to split our crepes,which I thought was a fine idea. When the crepes were brought to us,we cut each one down the middle and transferred them to the opposite plate. I started with hers,and it was delicious. Mine had a nice, light spicy taste,and the dab of whipped cream was just the right touch. It was a nice dessert. They were filling,but not heavy. Since we had time before our pedicures,we went to a shop called Just The Thing on Central Ave. I love this shop. It has a variety of antiques and collectibles. I had actually been thinking of visiting this place because I have been wanting a cabinet to store my canning supplies. People have been kind enough to give me jars,but before I knew it I had jars and no place to put them all. In my mind I envisioned an old cupboard,with one big wooden door. We wandered around the store,commenting on things we liked,when I saw the cabinet. It was two piece,white and distressed.The top cabinet was narrow,with two doors,with plastic inserts that had circles as embellishment. The doors opened to reveal four shelves. This section comes off the bottom cabinet,which had two side by side wooden doors,with two shelves inside. Very very cute ( and of course, I haven't taken a picture of it yet,but I will). Something about it spoke to me,but I needed a truck and we were in Michelle's Prius (though she joked that we could make it fit,LOL).Plus, I wanted Rick to see it first. I kept looking at it,and Michelle commented how cute it would look in my house. Yes, it would.

We left the store empty handed and then went to Raspberries in Rochester for our pedicure. I have never had a pedicure before,so this was a great treat for me. The chairs were massage chairs,and while we enjoyed coffee our feet were soaked,scrubbed with some type of salt concoction,had a variety of lotions put on them,massaged,wrapped,and toes administered to. I had pretty red polish put on them. It was lovely. I thanked My Dear Friend several times. It was such a nice day and nice to spend it with her.

When I got home, I told Rick all about the day and about the cabinet. Since we had to go out and buy Zach a new backpack,he suggested we go down to Dover and check out the cabinet.He liked it just as much as I did,and thought it had a lot of character. We bought it,loaded it into the truck,went to buy Zach his backpack,and headed home.

It was a great day. I spent nice time with my friend,had a great brunch,some pampering,and found the cabinet I had been looking for! A fabulous day all around!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day - getting out is always so nice. And great too that you found a good storage piece. I'm dying to see what it looks like!

  2. What a wonderful day...can't wait to see a picture of the new cabinet.
    Happy Birthday!!! :)