Friday, November 5, 2010

Gray Day...Sunny Blog Design

It is another gray,rainy,chilly day here in NH. It's typical November weather,though. Up in Coos County (pronounce coh-os,not cooze),which is our most northern county, snow fell yesterday. They got a nice little coating.I am glad they got it and not us. I love snow at Christmas,and the first snow is always fun,but the day after Christmas it can all melt and I would be fine. Amazing how when we are younger we love the snow,but as we get older,the fun wears off!

Days like this make a fire in the wood stove even better. It's one thing to have the stove going on a sunny,chilly day,but when it's miserable out,the heat and sight of the flames make the day feel better.

The girls have been increasing their egg output. We now get 5-6 eggs a day. The hens crack me up. The other day I went in the hen house to see how many eggs were left,and one of my Rhode Island Reds was sitting in one of the boxes. I looked to see if any of the other boxes had eggs,but none did,so I checked underneath her chest and there were three eggs! She did not appreciate the fact that I disturbed her while she was trying to lay,and she started squawking at me in no uncertain terms. In fact,I heard her squawking at me the whole time I was walking back to the house! Every time I go to the door of the pen,all the chickens and Runt come running towards me,but when I enter they go the opposite direction. I always ask them," Why are you all running at me,but then take off?" Chickens are quite amusing,to say the least.

You have probably noticed I changed up the design of the blog. I was checking new templates out and really liked this one. I liked the colors and nice,sunny,warm image it has. What do you think?

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  1. I thought I had taken a wrong turn into Blogland here for a moment! Did'nt have a clue where I was hahah! Love the new look :D