Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holy Wind,Batman!!

Today is my birthday,and it is coming in like a lion. The wind gusts are quite strong,and the weatherman said their may be some power outages. As long as I can make my pies later,that's OK. At least the sun is shining today,which is a nice change of pace from the last few days of raw,chilly,off and on rain.

I have already received My Precious (Cuisinart stand mixer,with meat grinder and food processor attachments),which was an early birthday present. Zach and Rick both gave me great cards as soon as my eyes were open this AM,with big hugs and kisses.

Yesterday I made two loaves of gluten free bread,and four cups of this bread will be made into gluten free apples and onion stuffing.Poor Rick has forgone stuffing the last few years,so I figured I would make one he could actually eat (he has always told me not to bother).I also pre-made my pumpkin pie filling. We are also going to have gluten free pumpkin pie,with gluten free pie crust. Today is pie making day,and I will make my stuffing tomorrow morning.

Later this AM will be meeting My Dear Friend Michelle and her boys at Pizza Hut.Her son Ethan has a birthday on Friday,so she decided to have a little celebration early. After Pizza Hut we are going to Hilltop Fun Center,which has many video games,and laser tag.In the summer,it also has batting cages,go carts,and miniature golf. That will be fun.

My Mom is coming over for Thanksgiving tomorrow. We started that a few years ago. My sister and her hubby go to his Mom's in upstate NY for Thanksgiving,and we had always gone down to my Mom's. Then I said she had done enough Thanksgivings and it was my turn. So she comes up and doesn't have to do any work. I enjoy cooking the Thanksgiving meal. The boys will go out hunting the AM (a Thanksgiving tradition) so I will be able to putter around and tie up loose ends.

I am very lucky to have received our family china (it's not actually china,it's a form of porcelain,but we always called it the china). It was my Memere's (my Mom's Mom)from the 1930's,then it was my Mom's,now it is mine. I was able to clear out a whole corner cabinet for it. I will take a photo of the table setting tomorrow so you can see it. It's called "Green Wheat" by Taylor Smith.

I am off to begin my day........enjoy yours!!!


  1. Wasn't on yesterday so just wanted to wish you a Belated Happy Birthday Donna... Looks like it was going to be busy as well as wonderful. Have a blessed year ahead. :)

    Cheers Damaris