Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apple Harvest

This time of year is for harvesting apples. The last few years,we have gone to Butternut Farm over in Farmington to pick apples. The have a fabulous variety. I don't know if we will do that this year,though,because.......

We have our own harvest this year! We had approx.60 apples on our Jonathon apple tree. We planted it before Rick left for Iraq in May,2005. We finally saw the first apple three years ago. Each year, we would see maybe one or two more apples. Last year we had 8. My,how times have changed!

We promised Zach that we wouldn't pick the apples until he got home from school. He enjoys picking apples as much as we do. So as soon as he got off the bus and put his backpack on the kitchen table we went to the side yard to do some serious picking.Most of the apples had some small brown blemishes on them,but they did not hurt the apples. They still tasted great!
We had a couple of apples that were high up,so Rick with his 6 ft.stature (more like 6'1" with his knee replacements!) picked those for us. We did not prune our tree last year,so that is on the agenda for this Fall.It's way too tall and the branches are too low to the ground.

All told,we picked 28.42 lbs of apples. Not too shabby for a first big harvest. Gluten free apple pies will be on the agenda. Not sure about cider or jelly.I'll have to check into how much and what it takes to make those!


  1. not too shabby at all, i must say!

    anyway - i have you listed in my blogroll - i commented a few times almost a year ago but my hubby and i have since "bugged out". we are loving it! and we have just started a blog, only a few posts up but i would love it if you checked us out if you have the time.

    you can find us at

    oh and lastly - make some cider - you'll love doing it!


  2. That's a lot of apples! My dad used to say that the brown spots on the apples were because they had been kissed by the sun :D

  3. Kymber,it's nice hearing from you again,and I will check out your blog!
    Sue, I like that saying from your Dad.Sounds good to me!! :)