Friday, September 30, 2011

Mystery Date

( I apologize for the way the photo was scanned-I can't figure out how to scan it so it fills the proper space!)

Rick and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary on Sept 27. The day of our wedding was gorgeous. It would've been my Dad's 83rd birthday as well,but he had passed away in 1990,7 years earlier. I knew the blue sky and brilliant sun was his way of sending his approval.He would've loved Rick. Rick and I had both been married before,so we both agreed we just wanted a small ceremony.It was held at my Mom 's house.Actually,the ceremony was in her next door neighbors yard,because we loved the tree.Her daughter,a justice of the peace,married us.

Those of you who have been following this blog know that Rick and I have been through alot since he was wounded in Iraq in 2005. Our marriage  took quite a hit for awhile,but together we worked through it,and it has made us stronger.

My darling hubby decided that he wanted to do something special for this anniversary. He informed me that he was taking me somewhere overnight,but couldn't do so until Sept 30th (today). All I know is that he told me to "pack casual and wear sneakers." Hmmm. He has been teasing me all week-" Are you thinking about where we might go?" "We are going to have so much fun!" Last night,though,he voiced some concern," I hope you are not disappointed."

First of all,I am not expecting an overnight in a penthouse.I do have some thoughts about where he may take me,but I have no set expectations. In all honesty,even if it was tenting somewhere and doing some walking the woods I would be quite happy. The point is that he has done this,all by himself,for me. If this was a few years ago,he would not have been able to do it. His emotional walls were too far up,and I don't think he would've considered doing this.I am not saying he didn't love me,but being in war makes you shut down emotionally,because there is no place in combat for emotion.You see horrible things,you have to take life,and if you stop and absorb it,you could be putting your fellow soldiers and yourself in danger.

He made sure I didn't get the mail until he recieved some form of confirmation from where ever we are going. He hid the envelope from me. If he was on certain websites he would tell me not to come in the room,or to let him know I was coming in the room so he could block the screen. Sneaky little devil!!!

So today, I am going on an overnight mystery date. It could be down to Portsmouth,on the ocean,with a nice tour of Strawberry Banke and some window shopping. Maybe he will take me to lunch at the Rusty Hammer,where we had our first date. It could be up north to the White Mountains for some foliage hiking.Whatever it is,it's going to be wonderful!


  1. I am so excited for you Donna. Regardless of what Rick has planned for the two of you, I am sure it will be amazing. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your date....

    Teri Clough Whitten

  2. Beautiful picture, beautiful couple. I have always been amazed at both how fragile families can be, but also how resilient and strong as well, sometimes at the same time. Isn't it wonderful how much both love and time can heal even the deepest of wounds? The hard part is having the patience for love and time to do their work. Have a wonderful anniversary. Appreciate and honor what it's taken to get to this point, together.

  3. i agree with Julie - beautiful couple!!! i hope that you have a wonderful time on your mystery date and can't wait to hear how it all went! please update ASAP!!!

    teehee...your friend,