Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Christmas Gone By......

I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas. We certainly did!

Christmas Eve started with the most beautiful sunrise that I had to go on the deck and take a photo of it:

When your day begins with such a lovely start, how can it go wrong?

As we prepped for Christmas Eve dinner,I had put some greenery aside that I was going to use as part of my table centerpiece.Since we didn't use the wood stove,I placed them on top of it. Smokey found this spot very comfy and curled up in the greens for most of the afternoon:

I used the greens underneath the poinsettia,and surrounded that with votive candles and pine cones:

My stuffed mushrooms were pronounced delicious! I will post the recipe tomorrow:

Sasha even looked rather festive!

My Mom proclaimed my pork pie "the best yet." Since I didn't take a photo of it on Christmas Eve, I took a photo of it last night,when I had leftovers for supper. The only things missing are the stuffed celery and Garden mix pickles:

As you can see, Christmas Eve went very well. My Mom,sister,and brother in law all seemed to have a good time.

Christmas Day was very laid back. We had gluten free pancakes,gluten free bacon,and eggs for breakfast,with Pecan Butter Syrup and Wild Maine Blueberry Syrup (thanks to My Dear Friend Michelle). By 11:00 AM I couldn't keep my eyes open,so I took a little nap.Christmas evening we went to my sister's where we had a delicious supper of Rocky Mountain Brisket, rice,creamy broccoli,and gluten free brownies with ice cream for dessert.It was lovely.

It was a fabulous Christmas. Now...onto New Years!

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  1. i love all of the pics - just beautiful! your table is also beautiful and i can't wait for the stuffed mushrooms recipe - yummeh! and the pork pies which look so fluffy (the pastry, i mean!).

    i am very glad that you had such a nice Christmas! and now it is on to the New Year which i am very much looking forward to!

    thanks for your friendship these past few months Donna!

    your friend,