Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kitchen Redo-Demo Begins

The kitchen demo has begun!!! The Menfolk have been taking down ceiling tiles and pulling off beadboard from the walls. Right now they are measuring for drywall. I hate the mess that drywall makes when it's sanded,but we block off the doorways to the other rooms with blankets so the dust is kept as much to the room that 's being worked on as possible. Yesterday I ordered  a new fridge and oven from Lowe's. The fridge was on sale,and we also received a military discount on top of that. I also bought a new cord for the oven,and a water line for the fridge for the ice maker that is in the freezer (it does not have a water dispenser...I didn't see the need for one). The new fridge has the freezer on the bottom. Looking at new fridges,it seems like they all have ice makers in them now. At least,the ones I looked at. I wanted the the freezer on the bottom,so the fridge part could be more eye level. I hate not seeing some leftover food that gets pushed to the back of the bottom shelf. The new fridge is a basic one door,not the french door style. For some reason,I felt crowded in when I opened it. Not sure why,but I didn't like it. Our new stove is an electric,with coil burners.I was considering a flat top stove,but you can't use cast iron cookware on them,and you have to make sure you use cookware with specific bottoms. The only thing we are debating about now is whether or not to buy an over the stove microwave. I want one,but I don't know if we will have enough space. It seems like we need cabinets to attach it to,and the space will be tight. I did see on TV such a microwave just attached to the wall. We would use a carbon filter,no regular vent. I will have to do some more investing.

Before I get into the redo photos,I remembered that I took a photo of the table at Thanksgiving:

I was going to make a centerpiece,but Rick surprised me by bringing one home. I used left over fresh herbs for a little decoration above the plates.

Now some redo photos.......

                 The horrible tile ceiling that came with the house.......

Looks like this now,minus the strapping.New strapping is going up.The previous owners,who flipped the house,ran this strapping opposite to how it's suppose to be. You can also see where we put a sample of tin back splash to the right of the stove to see how it would look. It's a keeper.

Here is the discolored "beadboard." I put that in quotations because it's basically pressed wood with some sort of white plastic coating. They come in sheets,and you use some sort of seam cover where the sheets meet.You can also see on the tile ceiling where I attempted to clean it,once. No luck. Tile ceilings and wood stoves do not mix well.

Here is what the wall looks like now. All the trim is gone.That will be replaced as well. The area between the door and window is where the stove will go. Rick is going to build a little shelf under the window that can be raised and lowered as needed,so there is a bit of work space right next to the stove.To the right you can see  the stove where it is now.We have ordered a cabinet to go in that spot.

While remodeling is a pain,it's wonderful,too.I am so excited to have the kitchen I want!!!


  1. yaaay! this is so exciting! i understand how re-modelling is a pain in the neck but it will be so worth it in the end to have a functioning kitchen that you love!

    thanks for sharing all of the pictures as it is a great way to get ideas for our own projects. are you going to paint the kitchen the same colour that it used to be? i loooove that colour and when we get to painting the kitchen i am soooo going to use that colour. i looove the tin backsplash!

    your Thanksgiving table was beautiful and i am definitely stealing the idea of fresh herbs by the plates - that is magnificent!

    oh i can't wait for more updates. you gotta get them menfolk working faster - so i can get more updates - teehee!

    Donna - it looks like very soon you will have a most beautiful kitchen and i am very happy for you! more pics of the work as it is being done please!

    (hey - i said please right?)

    your friend,

  2. Arrrrggggh!! Oops sorry I thought I was having a nightmare, too many years of renovating!! hahah! Drywall is great, lovely to paint when all finished, you can get sanders with bags that suck in a lot of the dust, the fella whod did our finishing off and it was great. Still some dust bit not loads. Have fun :D

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  4. I will continue to take photos Kymber :) Right now the drywall on the ceiling is going up. The kitchen will be the same color as the dining area,so it will flow better.
    Sue-LOL!!! Thanks for the sanding tip! It will help my allergies as well :)

  5. Yeah!!! You are on your way to a new beautiful kitchen. How exciting I can't wait to follow the progression of your project. It is going to be wonderful :)