Friday, December 9, 2011

When It Rains,It Pours...

Well, things have certainly been interesting around here the last few days.The ceiling is just about done. We got set back a day because we spent it buying a car. My car was a 2002 Impala (which I call the Oompaloompa) and she was very faithful to me. When I bought her in 2006 she had about 50,000 miles. When we parted she had 149,000 miles.Last year to pass inspection,we had to sink about $3,000 into her. Tuesday,we brought her to the local garage for inspection. Well,she needed a new rear bumper,and new rocker panels,which were apparently rusting out from behind,so you couldn't see it. In other words,she needed more work than she was worth. So I looked on online to see what I could find.  Happily,I found a 2009 Impala LS (I love Impalas...I mean,Ooompaloompas) that only had 13,000 miles on it,and one owner. It was a great deal.She's a beautiful car,and drives like a dream. So that meant spending money we weren't planning on spending,but instead of getting a loan and paying interest,we are going to pay our savings account back each month.

 Then,we needed to fill our oil tank,which,because it's outside,requires a mix so it doesn't freeze up,so that is more than than regular oil and it  ran us over $800. Though we don't use the furnace much,we like to have it for really cold nights as a back up.Up until yesterday,the weather has been pretty mild,so our use of wood or furnace had been next to nothing.The last time we filled the tank was January.


 Yesterday,our water heater died. Apparently,the folks we bought the house from just plugged it in to a 120V outlet,even though the heater was a 240V,which we never noticed.So our electricity has been working doubly hard for 8 years. Thankfully,our neighbor who is going to move our oven outlet knows how to add the proper voltage for the new heater. It has been a mighty expensive week. On top of remodeling!!! I am just thankful that we had enough to take care of everything. It will take awhile to put it all back,but we are determined to build our savings back up.

They say everything happens in threes,right? Hopefully we are all set on that for awhile!!!

Have you had anything like that happen to you? Things are going along smoothly,then all of a sudden,everything around you starts falling apart all at once? I'm good with that for a while,I tell you!

Have a fabulous day on this fabulous planet where ever you are,my friends!!!


  1. Nothing major like yours but we had our "3's" a few days before Thanksgiving with a house full of family expected for a visit. The motor on the AC burnt out (we live in Florida and had to have this repaired), the ice maker started throwing ice and then quit altogether and the washing machine flooded the utility room floor. Hopefully we have had our 3's for now as well.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh my you have had quite a week to say the least. You should be good for a while you definitely had your three. We also had a set of three. Our truck needed repairs, and both the dishwasher and oven decided they were feeling left out and will need to be addressed very soon. I can't complain my set of three could be much worse. Thankfully you are all set now with your oil and vehicle and hwh and the winter weather can begin... as long as it doesn't interfere too much with your remodeling of course :)

  3. Donna - as you have read on our blog, we get 3 a week! sometimes 3 a day! man, this has got to stop - bahahahahah!

    anyway, i think you are done for your 3 for a while and i am glad that everything worked out in the end. take a pic of your new ride for us. and can't wait for more updates on your reno!

    your friend,