Monday, November 28, 2011

Back To Normal

Thanksgiving went off very well. I was in such a hurry to get all the food out and served while it was hot that I didn't take any photos (sorry,Kymber). Most of the dishes were a success,though I was not fond of the green beans. Everyone else liked them,though. I also think I put too many cranberries in the stuffing,but again,everyone else liked it. I told Rick not to bother making my cake on Thanksgiving,and to wait until Friday,since the few days leading up to Turkey Day were so hectic. My pumpkin pie was delicious,if I do say so myself,and it was gone the next day.

How was your Thanksgiving?

 Friday morning I wound up taking Rick to the emergency room.He has a tick bite that is horribly red and has a hard bump under his skin. Since he has had a hole in his heart fixed,has two knee replacements,and an auto immune deficiency (Celiac Disease)   he has to be very very careful about infection.They did some blood work to test for Lyme disease,which we should hear about by Weds. They put him on some antibiotics that they give to Lyme disease patients,just in case.He is also taking a probiotic pill to help combat any stomach upset.Thankfully,we were not there very long.

This week we should be starting our kitchen. We need to get strapping,drywall,and mud today or tomorrow.

The Girls have pretty much stopped laying,at least for now. The sun does not get above our tall red pine trees in the back anymore,and the shadows are longer.The change in weather is also a factor,I think. In the last week they have only laid 6 eggs. The last three days they haven't laid any. We have some nice hay in their coop,and we keep the main door closed now because it's chilly. I hated to buy eggs at the supermarket last week. :(  It's always such a great feeling to be able to walk by something because we can make it or have an animal who can create it.

Rick finally cleaned up his half of the bedroom yesterday.Now I can walk on his side of the bed. I got sick of the closet in the bathroom,and organized it. We'll see how long it lasts. I am in the mode of tying loose ends-photos that should've been rehung long ago,Rick's flags,etc. He has a shadow box that  we bought last year for his military ribbons,etc. He doesn't have all of them. Somewhere in between the sands of time and moving he lost many of his military things (this was before I met him).We have a magazine where what he earned can be ordered,so I told him to circle whatever ribbons/awards he should have,and I will order them.

Most of the snow we got last Wednesday is gone,which is good,because I need to put the cornstalks and pumpkins that are outside into the compost pile,and on a good day I am going to go out back and gather my greenery for decoration. We should be getting our tree in a couple of weeks.

So far I am enjoying my Kindle Fire. It's great!! Yesterday I ordered a case for it and some screen protectors. That's the downside to touch screen-finger prints!!

Have a great day on this fabulous planet!!!!


  1. Donna - rats! i love pics of other people's food! but glad to hear that you all had a nice day and enjoyed your meal! and i am so glad that your pumpkin pie turned out so awesomely!

    sorry to hear about your needing to go to emergency but glad that you weren't there for too long! make sure to update us when you learn more!

    the shadow box is a great idea. i have lost some of my shoulder dogs and medals and cap badges, etc. over the years and this post just reminded me to get some ordered. thanks!

    i am glad that you like your Kindle. i can't imagine reading with one - i love the smell and feel of a book. but i have read that many people really enjoy them so who knows? maybe i could use one?

    i hope you are having a nice day!

    your friend,

  2. I was concerned about that too with the Kindle-I love my books just like you. It's something I probably wouldn't have bought for myself,but I admit I love it now that I have it.It's a great space saver for me. :)

  3. Donna - you just may convince me to get one, buddy!

    your friend,