Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where's My Deer?

The Menfolk had no luck yesterday,though Brother B did get a shot off at one.However,there were some trees in the way,so the deer was unharmed.They came back to the house a couple of times,and each time I heard them come in the door,I would call out,"Where's my deer?" "Out in the woods,"they would reply. So far, NH has had one hunter killed,and another wounded. We don't have many hunting accidents here in NH,thankfully. What causes these accidents are hunters who shoot at movement.They hear something,get a glimpse of what they think is a deer and they shoot.They don't make sure that it IS a deer.

Today it's foggy and there is a light mist coming down.It is suppose to rain this afternoon,so no hunting today.Rick has had a small fever for a couple of days,which he thanks me for (you're welcome,honey!).Rick will hunt even if he isn't feeling well...he tries to plod right through any illness. I,on the other hand,am down for the count when I am not up to snuff. I have a chest cold,and have been gacking and hacking. My head still feels weird,but my fever is pretty much non existent at 99 degrees.Apparently,this plague stays with folks for a while. People say the start to feel better,then they get set back. Lovely. Hopefully that won't happen to me.

Aside from the basic chores,there hasn't been much else going on. Zach is now the Assistant Patrol leader of his Boy Scout Patrol,so he had his first patrol leader meeting last night.Tonight,he has an Order of the Arrow meeting (OA is like the Honor Society for Boy Scouts). Saturday is our Scouting For Food pick up.

Since Zach has Veterans' Day off tomorrow,he is going hunting with the Menfolk. We would love it if Zach could get a deer.It would be his first one. He also needs to start brushing up on his Scout rank information,since Monday night he has his Scoutmaster Conference for his Star Rank.He will be quizzed on all info he has learned for his Scout,Tenderfoot,Second Class and First Class Ranks.If he passes that,then he will have his Board Of Review,which consists of members of the Troop Committee (Rick and I are not allowed to participate in that,of course).If he passes that, he will get his Star Rank.

 I suppose I should get motivated.I hope you all have a lovely day!

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