Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hunting Season Is Nigh....and Those Forgotten Halloween Pics

Today my fever is down to 99.5,which is good,because tomorrow,come hell or high water,plagues,the sun falling out of the sky,the oceans drying up,or all the volcanoes in the world erupting at once,I am to get  up with Zach ,because Rick will not be around.He will be in the woods at O Dark Thirty for the first day of deer hunting season(rifle-muzzleloader season already started,as well as bow season) In our section of NH,it is the only day for either sex. I am hopeful that one of the Menfolk will get a deer. We want to make some sausage,and some venison burger. Brother B was the last to get a deer,three years ago. Last year, they found a great area with good signs,and told a good friend about it. This good friend in turn told his son,who went to this spot,and nabbed a deer.Needless to say,this angered my hubby just a wee bit :) This year,after much scouting and good signs,they are going to keep the info to themselves. Two tree stands are up,and 6 deer trails are visible from the stands. The problem is finding good trails without lots of heavy foliage. We have some areas where the forest is quite thick. The Menfolk have been very vigilant in scouting areas,looking at their their game camera footage,and have actually jumped a few deer. Hopefully they will have good luck this year.

I forgot to post our Halloween photos from out Troop party,so here they are:
I went as a worn out whoopie cushion

Zach went as the "Scream" villian

Rick was the hit of the party,with his gilly suit and glowing eyes...he made a great swamp monster

Hope you have a lovely day on this fabulous Planet!

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  1. You guys look great! I wen as Steve Martin. Didn't mean to, it just happened. Had my plaid pj pants on a knife through my head. One wile and crazy gal!