Monday, November 14, 2011

Many Thanks

I want to send a heartfelt thank you to all my friends who posted such wonderful comments on my Veterans Day post,especially Kymber,who posted a link to my post from hers.(Hope you feel better soon!) I had tears in my eyes as I read them....

One thing that was very exciting was that on Friday our local TV station,WMUR out of Manchester,had a special episode honoring our veterans on their "Chronicle" show. (It's a show all about NH,events,people,history,etc).I entered a photo,and out of the 1,300 + photos they received, one of the ones they chose to air was mine:
Those who have been following me for a while may recognize this photo.It's one of my favorites. This was taken when Rick came home for good. At this point,Rick had been gone a year,and had only been able to come home twice,once in August 2005,and in Dec 2005. This photo was taken in April 2006. Zach insisted on wearing his little desert camo uniform to honor his Dad. I tried to link the Chronicle episode,but for some reason,it wouldn't work. If anyone is so inclined to check it out,it's at,under "Chronicle". It's the Veterans Day Tribute. Rick and Zach are at the 4:04 mark in the second part. The whole episode was nothing but was very moving,and of course,I cried.

I am still under the weather (going on two weeks,now). My main compliant is a cough,heavy chest,and my head feels fuzzy. Saturday, I had no temp,yesterday it was 99.6,today it's back to normal,go figure! At any rate,it makes me not feel like doing much of anything,and this time of year,it's not a good thing. I have soap to make for gifts,crocheting to do,and laundry soap to make. And I don't feel like doing any of them,but I still try. Yesterday I did cut up my soap that I made last month,did the dishes,and swept. I did do some crocheting,and while I crocheted I watched "The Tudors" marathon on BBC America. Nothing like a little sex and court intrigue when one is not up to snuff!

The Menfolk are out on the mountain,still not having any luck at getting deer. It's amazing,considering the time and effort they put into scouting,etc. The deer are out there,but any time they see one,the trees are too dense to get a good shot off.I'm just glad to see that Rick enjoys the woods again. It took a long while before he could do anything but check to see where snipers might be hiding,and his anxiety would make it impossible for him to enjoy himself. Same with fishing.He would come home frustrated and angry that he could no longer enjoy what he loves to do the most. Now,he still gets some anxiety,but he has the tools to talk himself out of it so he is aware that he is not in danger,and no insurgents are hiding to try and take him out. It took a few years,though.

Our kitchen has not moved forward because of hunting season and because I haven't been up to snuff to keep bugging Rick :) I need to make a decision on appliances,and I haven't been up to deciding. Sigh.

Zach is doing great in school,made the Honor Roll again.He just finished participating in an anti-bullying film in school.

I suppose I should go try and do something. Laundry is calling. I hope you all have a fabulous day on this fabulous Planet!


  1. you are so welcome for the comment Donna! how awesome is it that they chose your favourite pic of your boys - too cool!

    sorry to hear that the menfolk aren't having any luck, but glad that is getting easier for Rick to be able to do the things that he loves again.

    congrats to Zach for making the Honour Roll again. and now you have a movie star living in your house!

    i am still feeling crappy so please don't be too hard on yourself. sometimes if we are stressed when we are sick it takes it that much longer to get over. all those jobs will still be there in a few days - rest as much as you can!

    your friend,

  2. Well done Zach. I love this planet too, it's teh only one with chocolate! ♥