Friday, November 4, 2011

Kitchen Redo-The Floor

It's been a few days since I have posted,and some of that is due to Zach using my camera for some Computer class thing he was doing,so he had to bring my camera to school. Yes,he does have his own $20 cheapy digital-but apparently it is missing in the mess of his room. I would forget to get it back from him,so....days have gone by. Also,the floor did take some time to prep. The floor leveler would take overnight to dry,then he had to lay down another layer of leveler,then some quick skim in areas.The day the floor was being laid,his helper was sick,so it took a bit longer. Then we decided to put this new flooring in our hallway as well,so there was more continuity,which meant a small area needed to be leveled yet again. At any rate,the project which was started on Saturday finally ended yesterday,Thursday.

Since I didn't have my camera during the day,I couldn't take photos of the actual floor laying,I could only take after photos. We did have to take up the mopboards,but we are going to replace them anyway.They are quite wide. We will put the same size as the ones we put in the living room.

To recap:

Our sad looking floor as she was

Scrape up those tiles!

Getting rid of the slope required two layers of leveler-still a bit of slope,but no where near as bad

Leveler drying and skim areas

Looks like a big piece of cement!

Little Smokey is lost and has no clue as to what it is going on

New floor! View from by the woodstove......

....and view from the sink area

Now we have the fun of putting our appliances back. You can see the stove is back.Rick does not want to move the fridge until we get our new one because he wants to keep moving heavy objects onto the floor at a minimum.(Our fridge is in the living room behind his recliner-convenient for him!)

 We are going to invest in stainless steel appliances. If you look to the photo above,you see our stove is not in the ideal position-right under the cabinets. There is nowhere for steam to go except on the under side of the cabinet,which then drips down. Yuck. We are going to put the stove on the wall where our coats are hung,and put a cabinet in the space where the stove is now. Our fridge will go in the spot across from that area,on the other side of the brick chimney (the spot we had it). We are going to build a small closet for our coats,etc next to the fridge,and when our mud room is done next year,we can keep our coats,etc our there,and the closet will be used for mops,ironing board,etc. One of my goals is to have the trash kept out of the way,maybe in an under the counter know,one of those pull out trash bins thingymabobbies. I would also like an over the stove microwave to help save counter space.Did I mention new countertops possibly?

This what needs to be done:
-Pull down ceiling tiles and put up dry wall
-Take down any remaining mopboards and replace
-Take down fake beadboard and replace with drywall
-Take out window where the stove is going? ( Depends on space)
-New appliances (stove,fridge,microwave)
-Possible new counter tops
-New sink with new hardware (pot filler faucet!)
-New closet
-New back splash
-New trim around the windows and doors ( we have some left over from our living room redo)
-New ceiling fan to help disperse the woodstove heat
-New light over the sink
-Paint the kitchen are the same color as the dining area

That's it. :)

Hope your day is going well!!!!!


  1. Donna - your new floor is just gorgeous - i love it! and thanks for showing pics from different angles - i love your kitchen too! good luck with all of the rest that still needs to be done. and make sure to keep us updated.

    Rick has the fridge behind his recliner - bahahahahah!

    your friend,

  2. I like your kitchen....wish I had a wood stove in mine.

  3. Wow! What a difference that floor makes. Beautiful! Do you plan on adding cabinet space on the same wall your stove will be on? Can't wait to see the progress. Good luck!