Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Nor'Easter

Well, this weekend certainly was interesting. Between our flooring getting started to a Halloween snowstorm to my having a migraine for a couple of days,it was different!

Saturday as I mentioned,our friend Brian was here to begin our flooring.He had to lay down a primer then a floor leveler to help smooth out a slope we have.After he left,we kept the wood stove cranking to help dry it out,because we couldn't walk on it until it was whitish gray looking.So,while I could shower,I couldn't change my clothes,because I couldn't get into the bedroom,so I spent the day in my PJ's,which wasn't such a bad deal since I woke up with a headache.So I chilled in my recliner,and crocheted for a while.I had to stop because my eyes got tired,even with my bifocals,and it made my head feel real bad.So I curled up with a pillow.

You can see in the below photo the spots that started drying.It took over 12 hours to dry fully. Brian is coming back today to put some more down.It won't fully take out the slope but it will make it much better.

Saturday Rick was busy getting the snow blower ready,getting gas,making sure we had water,and putting things in the yard away.The snow started around 5:00 PM.By the time I awoke at 8:00 AM on Sunday,the storm was over.We were fortunate that we did not lose power,as many of my fellow NHer's did. We wound up getting over a foot of snow,which was a heavy,wet,snow. Because many of the trees still have leaves,it created more weight,causing many branches to break,which led to the power outages. Our yard was OK,though.

I snapped a few shots on Sunday Morning...through the kitchen window.....

....and off the deck...

It was amazing to see snow on leaves,and some are still green! I have never seen such a snow fall this early. I have seen flurries in early Sept,and maybe quick squall in Oct,but nothing like this.Hello,Climate Change! You may go now :)

I tried to eat breakfast,and did succeed,but my stomach felt funky all day because of my stupid achy head bone. I watched my "John Adams" DVD until noon,then I finally fell asleep until 7:00 PM. I felt better then.Stupid hormones.

I felt bad for Zach last night. Rick brought Zach down to Somersworth for Trick or Treat,but it had been changed to tonight.Tonight is our Boy Scout Troop party,so he won't be able to go,and this was going to be his last year,poor thing.Zach,Rick,and myself are all dressing up,so I will post of photo of us in the next couple of days.

Hope all is well with you where ever you are...hope everyone in New England without power gets it soon!!!


  1. Large is 14, he will be going out after the little ones, about 8pm or so. Teens here go out and get the leftovers.

    Hope you stay warm, and that migraine is done for a long while.

  2. Thank you,Phelan. I hope you are doing well :)

  3. We lucked out here in Michigan, only rain this weekend. I'm not ready for winter...

  4. Poor Zach, hope he had a good Halloween after all. Sure hope your feeling better too Donna. We ended up with 6 inches of snow, now it's mostly slush, but oh is it cold! Have a great day. Pamela