Sunday, October 16, 2011

Girl Time

I have finally started to feel better.Whatever it is is still lingering,but I have felt up to snuff enough to visit my Mom and take her to her Dr appt. They removed her staples and were very impressed with her progress. I imagine most 85 year olds do not do as well,but they are not my Mom! Now they want her to take off her sling,starting with a few moments a day,and work her elbow,because she can't straighten her arm yet.Being in the sling for over a month,that happens. Her visiting nurses and therapists will no longer go to the house,and she will be going to therapy in Rochester.

Yesterday was a lovely day.My Dear Friend Michelle and I were able to share some real girl time-with pedicures.Last  year we decided that our birthday gift to each other would be pedicures and either breakfast or lunch,depending on what time the appt was,or what our schedules were. We decided this would be our annual gift,and we would work it in between our birthdays-she is in July,and I am coming up in November. She is a very busy lady,with two boys,one whom she homeschools (soon to be two)and a hubby who leaves for periods of time for the Air National Guard,so this year our pedicure was closer to my birthday than hers.There is also soccer,Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts,and volunteering one day a week at the library.... how she does it all, I don't know.Plus she gets up and goes to work out at the gym at 5:00 AM! Bless her heart,she is a far better woman than I,and quite an inspiration! :) (Hi,Dear Friend!)

Anyhoo,we had a great hearty breakfast at The Farmer's Kitchen on Rt 11. We relaxed and enjoyed our omelets,toast,homefries,and tea.It was a busy Saturday morning,but we had some time to kill after we finished our meal,so we just sat,drank tea,and chatted.  We then went to Studio 359 on Main St in Farmington for our pedicures. I wanted something to go with the time of the year,so I picked a pretty orange/copper  polish:

I love pedicures,and this birthday treat is the only one I get. It's a great way to be pampered.

Yesterday,the boys went hunting for the day. They planned on bringing nephew Brody up and spending the day in the woods. I felt bad,because Wednesday we were told that our Troop would be selling popcorn at the mall on Saturday,but this had been planned long before,and both Zach and Brody were quite excited.(Brody is Brother Dale's son.He's 14,about a year and half older than Zach). They didn't see much,though.It was quite windy outside,and though Zach did get a shot off at a red squirrel,he missed. Wiley little suckers! When they came back at 3:00 PM,both the boys were tired. Brother B reported that when he dropped Brody back off at home,he laid down on the couch,exhausted. Zach was sleeping when supper was ready.Lots of fresh air will do's good for them! Better than sitting in front of a computer or playing video games.There will be plenty of time for that when the snow flies.

Last year,we threw some gourds into our compost pile,and this year,we found these:

No buying gourds! I still haven't been out to buy Mums.It rained for a good part of the week,plus with me not feeling up to par,it didn't get done. It should be done soon,hopefully this week,as long as the weather holds.I love decorating for Fall.

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  1. i love the toenails - gorgeous! and i am glad that you had some girl time - you needed it!

    your friend,