Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Decorating

Yesterday after I went grocery shopping,I went out for some pumpkins and mums. Since I was in the vicinity, I went to WalMart,and that was my mistake. I should've gone to the garden center up the road.Though I did get three nice pumpkins,their mums were all quite sad looking,except for one that was decent. I was going to go to the garden center today to get a couple hanging mums for my hangers by the road and for the ones on either side of our door. And maybe a couple small ones for random placement. I decorated in the afternoon,and was going to wait to take pics until my mums were in place.This morning,however,it began to rain.Since I have a spiders web outside,I know what happens when it rains. It sags and looks horrible...and if it it's windy,it will be bogged with leaves. I figured I better get outside and take photos...mums or not.
Our old Cub Scout chuck wagon filled with corn stalks..with a headless passenger!

View from the street

Spider web

View from the street

Molly Bruce checking out the front steps

I have my Pumpkin candle burning,and it smells sooo nice. Pandora is playing my Glenn Miller station ( I LOVE 1940's swing music),and the house is nice and cozy.There is a roaster chicken,potatoes,and carrots in the crockpot for supper...yep,life is Good!Hope life is as equally good for you where ever on this lovely Planet you are!!!


  1. That is downright cute! I love the wagon!

  2. Thank you! We used back when my son was a Webelo scout in a chuck wagon race. No one wanted to store it or use it again,so we kept it for decoration :)