Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If It's Not One Thing,It's More Things

Our lawn mower has been giving us issues.First,we thought the carburetor needed cleaning. Then,it needed a gear in the starter. Now it's the starter. We had to borrow a mower to get our grass mowed,though it will probably be the last time it gets done this year. Hopefully our neighbor can rebuild our starter for us,otherwise it will be a new mower for us next year.

Rick went out to the turkey cage a couple days ago to feed and water them,when he noticed one of the turkeys dead by the door of the cage. There was no sign of predators making their way into the cage,so we are mystified as to why one would just drop dead. Hmmm.

This morning I was awoken by these words :"Our toilet is backed up and it's backed up into the tub." Ugh. Lovely. Brother B and Rick went outside to check the septic and it is full. When we had it pumped last year,the septic company told us that it looked like water was leaking into the septic from the leach field,and that we would have to have our septic pumped each year. Of course,it was one of those things that you know you have to do,but keep forgetting...until nastiness starts coming out of  your tub.Fortunately,our neighbor Kelly is licensed to fix leach fields,so we will have to have him check it out for us. We called the septic pumping company and left a message for them.

It always seems like when one thing goes wrong,there is a ripple effect,doesn't it? However,that is the way life is.Some things you can control,some you can't. You have ups and downs,and the downs make you appreciate the ups that much more. Life is rarely on an even keel. We have learned to accept that it's just the way it is. Lawn mower not working?  Annoying,but not the end of the world. Turkey dying? Mystifying,but that's the way nature works sometimes. Toilet back up? Our own damn fault for not getting the septic pumped earlier.

I am glad that I am feeling better. Yesterday I went out and pulled my dead tomato plants,though I still have couple that have green tomatoes on them.I didn't have the energy to chop down my cornstalks,so Brother B did that for me. Today I will use them for fall decoration. We didn't get much corn (barely any),but at least I don't have to buy stalks this year. My pumpkins weren't as fruitful as last year,so I will have to go to one of our local farms for some big boys for carving,and  for some Sugar pumpkins so I can make pumpkin puree. Last year I made my first pumpkin pie from our pumpkins,and it was great. I will never buy canned pumpkin again. As Ma Ingalls said,"There's no great loss without some small gain." 


  1. Try growing 'neck pumpkins' for pies...the long neck is all flesh and taste yummy. Easier to work up than sugar pie pumpkins.
    From what I have heard no ones pumpkins did well this year.
    If it happened to be a weasel or mink in your turkey house you would see only a small set of teeth marks in the neck of the turkey.

  2. Hi Donna

    It has been a bit like that over our way also.

    The tide will turn for you soon hopefully honey!