Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Kitchen Redo Begins

We have finally started our kitchen redo. Our friend Brian,who owns Brian's Flooring,is here right now,putting down floor leveler.( We have a prominent slope in one area of the floor). This redo has been two years in the making,mainly because we have either had other things that had to be done,or because Rick's health was not cooperating. However,we are finally putting things into motion.

Our floor is in sad shape. The folks we bought the house from laid down stick tiles,and while it looked nice at first,eight years of wear and tear,heat from the wood stove,boots animals,etc., took their toll:

Lovely,isn't it? Time to go. We are replacing it with a heavy duty laminate wood,which has sticky tabs on each side so the boards are basically stuck together.  Normally,we could lay it down ourselves,but since we have never used this type of laminate before,Brian is installing it for us. It costs a bit more than regular laminate wood,but we figure it's worth the investment. We picked a laminate that has the appearance of worn wood. I will take photos of it when it's laid down.
The tiles weren't too bad to scrape off. Don't you love the spot on the door where the paint has been scraped off?That is where Moxie scratches at the door.That is one more spot we will need to repaint :)

Zach was a big help scraping up the tiles. Samson and Smokey made sure that he was doing a good job!

Being in a small house makes renovations more of a challenge. There is not alot of space to put things. We have some things in our bedroom and in our living room. Just part of the fun!!!!

P.U! That floor primer stinks!

My fellow New Englanders are gearing up for a snowstorm tonight. 6"-10" are on it's way. Yikes! Be careful driving,my friends!


  1. i love the colour of the walls in your kitchen - do you remember the exact brand and shade?

    and i can't wait to see the new floor - how exciting and you have been waiting a long time to do it! woohoo for you!

    make sure to take lots of pics when it is installed...oh and take us on a tour of your kitchen - it looks so cozy!

    your friend,

  2. The hearth in the kitchen is awesome..we are thinking of a redo in ours too. Not sure I am ready for the mess though...Can't wait to see you finished room! You be careful too in this weather, we are having sleeting rain right now in Maine. Take care, Pamela

  3. Thanks,Kymber-the shade is Charismatic,by Behr.It's their Premium Plus Ultra.The room used to be a brighter yellow,but I wanted to tone it done to a warmer shade.
    Pamela-we wound up getting over a foot of snow,but thankfully we didn't lose power. Glad you like our hearth,we put it in the second year we lived here. :)