Thursday, October 20, 2011


Yesterday,as I mentioned,it was quite a raw,dreary day. It rained off and on a bit,but the boys were able to put more wood on the porch,and put our flagpole back up.(It had been knocked down during Irene by a branch). When it was time to get Zach off the bus,the rain became steady. Now,the bus stop is right in front of our house,and technically,we don't need to get Zach on or off the bus,but we have been doing it since he was in First grade.I imagine at some point he will tell us to stop,but until then,we like standing there,waiting for him to arrive. Even if it means standing in the rain. Now that's love! ;)

When the rain came,the air became even more raw and chilly. Even the inside of the house felt that way. I voiced my opinion as such:"I think we need to start the wood stove and get the chill out." Now,we always try to hold off as long as can we when starting the heat,and I figured we were pretty good this year. Last year it was started at the end of September. Of course, the men gave me a hard time about it (kidding,of course),but it was started.

Rick cleaning the glass of the wood stove so we had a great view of the flames

Stocking the stove with kindling and newspapers

It's starting...come on,you can do it........


It was wonderful to feel the wood heat.There is nothing like it in the world! Anyone else start their wood stoves yet,or are you all being good? :)

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  1. We haven't started our wood stove, but have run the furnace a few times. I don't think we have enough wood in (from the woods) yet to run the stove all winter. My husband puts it off till we start running the furnace more.