Saturday, October 8, 2011


Today is blah. I am coming down with something that has been going around.I am achy,my head hurts,my nose has started to run and I have a small cough. Of course, it would have to be on the loveliest weekend we have had in a long time,and when I need to clean out my garden. Tomorrow we were planning on going up to Sandwich for the fair. If the boys want to go,they can,but they will have to go without me,I'm afraid. Boooooooooo :(

This year our foliage is s-l-o-w. Last year, in late September,it was glorious!
This year,this tree is still mostly green,with only a handful of leaves turned. We think it's because it was such a wet Spring.Usually by now peak foliage has passed. This year,they are saying that peak will be in mid October. There is nothing I like better than walking in the woods during foliage season (wearing blaze orange,of course).The sunlight shining through the trees,making the yellow,red,and oranges bright against a blue Fall sky can make anyone smile and be content.

We made a Fall list of to-do's-
1)Clean out the garden beds
2)Fix the mower and give the yard one final good mow
3)Winterize the pool
4)Clean off the mud room and stack wood there
5)Chop kindling
6)Clean up the yard of tools,woodsplitters,etc
7)Drain and clean the rain barrels
8)Prune the apple tree
9)Paint the front door and steps
10)Put away the AC's
11)Begin kitchen redo

There were other things on our list that we wanted to do this year,but decided to put off until next Spring:
1)New deck
2)Weatherize the mud room. It's not fully attached to the house,so when it rains,it drips into the room in between the house and the mudroom walls. We only have screens,no glass windows. I'd like to make this an actual room so we can keep our coats,etc out there without them getting wet.We do put plastic up over the windows and door in the winter time.
3)New front porch and door
4)New roof (metal)
5)Paint the house

It never seems to end,does it? I am not complaining,though.I am very thankful that we have a house!

My Mom is doing very well. She is glad to be at home and is now able to shower. I was suppose to go to her house to bring her to the bank and a bit of grocery shopping today,but I can't,so Rick and Zach are going to help her out. He is going to fix the starter on the riding mower when he gets home. Brother B is out helping a friend of his with some beam work.

I can't believe how gorgeous it is today! I hope all is well in your neck of the world :)


  1. I love lists and Heartpoet sighs (good naturedly) when he sees me with pen and paper in hand lol