Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chilly and Gray

This morning is very gray and a bit chilly.Rain is on it's way. The leaves are falling from the trees,though you can't see it in this photo I took from our deck this morning. You can see the gray ribbon of our road through the trees.Kings Highway is misleading,as our road is a basic country road.It meanders from Middleton,through New Durham,and ends in Wolfboro,which is the oldest summer resort town in America.It's very pretty year round.

Yesterday Rick discovered another dead turkey. This one had an obvious beak sized hole in it's head all the way to it's skull. Apparently our Toms have been having duels to the death.

Brother B cut down my corn stalks,so yesterday I gathered some up and used them to decorate the front yard.Tomorrow I am going to get some mums,and when it's all finished I will post some pics. The photos I have on my home page are from last year.

Apparently,our septic was not full. There was a baffle that got messed up which caused some nastiness to get caught up by the lid and not flow like it should. The septic guy pumped the tank,and told us to just bang the baffle back. Which we did. Now things flush like they should,and there is nothing nasty coming up into the tub anymore.

I was going to paint our steps and door today,but the weather is too damp and rain may fall at anytime. This weekend is going to be nice,so I will do it then. Rick started making kindling yesterday.I have a thing about having kindling. It's a pain to start up a woodstove first thing in the morning when there are no coals left in it,and I wind up using waaay too many pieces of newspaper.Rick teases me about my insistence on kindling,but I think it's a big help.The mud room needs to be cleaned out and some of the wood needs to be stacked on it.This way,we are not running out to the woodpile that often.We do have a woodring that we can stack about 10 pieces of wood in near the stove.When we need more,we can just walk onto the porch. It's quite handy. I reminded him that this all should be done soon.The weather has been so glorious that we haven't had to start the woodstove yet,and have only had to turn on the furnace once briefly to get the chill out.However,we are heading into the middle of October,so the temperatures will start to be in the 50's-60's on average pretty soon.

Rick and Brother B have gone hunting out in our neighbors' back 40. Rick likes to begin his day hunting,and it's good for him to be out in the woods. It took a long time for him to feel comfortable in the woods again,and of course,with his knees being bad for so long,he was always in pain so he couldn't enjoy it. I do admit that hearing about hunting,weapons,and seeing hunting shows get a wee bit old for me.I had to remind him the other day that he does have priorities here,and hunting,while it can put food on our table that we don't have to go to the store and buy,is not a priority. The month is moving along quickly,and there are things that need to get done before we can start on our kitchen.He understood and only goes hunting early morning now and early evening. He could spend all day in the woods if there was nothing else going on! :)

That's it from Middleton NH. I hope all is well in your neck of this beautiful planet we call Home!


  1. I'm a kindling junkie, growing up with only a wood stove for heat meant you wanted the fire going fast. Old lumber scraps were my favorite.

    Nice picture of the tree's, I miss the woods of NH.

  2. sorry about the turkey...but when we had a woodstove i was nuts about the kindling too!

    when you decorate the yard with cornstalks and mums - make sure to take tons of pics!

    i hope hubby and Brother b come home with some good hunt!

    until next time, my friend, take care!